Amethyst Butterfly Wing Earrings

Amethyst Butterfly Wing Earrings

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These delicate and beautiful handcrafted Amethyst Butterfly Wing Earrings can give a touch of sophistication to your look or can be purchased as a meaningful and symbolic gift for your loved ones. The symbolism of the butterfly wings is associated with metamorphosis, transformation, rebirth, and gaining freedom. Other cultures have long viewed the butterfly as a herald of joy and good fortune.

The beauty of the butterfly is complimented by the amethyst crystals used to make these earrings. The purple crystal carries calming and serene energies, and your body and aura will benefit from wearing these earrings. Amethyst has the following benefits:

  • opens intuition
  • helps with insomnia and depression
  • relieves stress and irritability
  • balances the mood
  • dissolves negativity
  • activates spiritual awareness
  • enhances psychic abilities
  • helps with finding inner peace

Wear these Amethyst Butterfly Wing Earrings and feel grounded, balanced, and beautiful.

Size: approximately 3x1 inches.

Gold-plated brass. Handmade by Wild Gold.

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