Butterflies at the Village Rock Shop

During these warm spring days what can be more beautiful than admiring the delicate way butterflies flit and flutter from flower to flower ...or from crystal to crystal. Over the Covid-19 pandemic, we employed a gardener, Chris Bany to improve our outdoor space. During this time as our landscape improved, we learned so much from our gardener about plants that attract butterflies.

One of these plants is milkweed and we included it in our landscape. The larvae eat the milkweed leaves and then they try to find a safe place to create their chrysalis and start their transformation process.

As the plants were close to our store entrance, a couple of larvae found their way in and created their chrysalises in our store. While the world was shut down during the pandemic, I went to the store daily to work on our website, package and ship products. Now I had a fascinating event to also watch unfold over the course of a couple of weeks. I had never seen a chrysalis form or knew anything about this process.

Customers Love Our Beautiful Butterflies

We bought a milkweed plant inside our store and now whenever we find larvae outside we bring a couple inside to watch this process again and again. I would have never imagined that this would bring so much interest and fascination from our customers. No matter what stage we are in with our butterflies, people love it. If it's larvae people usually ask, or if they know they will point it out to their friends and family. If we are in the chrysalis stage, people are always fascinated, some have never seen this stage.

Once the butterflies come out we usually share it in our Instagram stories because the butterflies will spend an entire day inside our store just strengthening their wings. This is the stage when people like to come by, just to see them up close, or if new customers notice them on our products, they are so surprised that the butterflies are real.

Butterflies have a specific symbolism in every culture and spiritual tradition throughout the world. The caterpillar’s metamorphosis into a magnificent butterfly in many cultures represents renewal, spiritual rebirth, transformation, and hope. Many cultures also associate the butterfly with the soul. The symbolism of the butterfly, roots from the cycle of the butterfly life - it births from an egg then as a caterpillar retreats into a chrysalis and undergoes a major transformation into a colorful, beautifully winged butterfly.

For our customers, admiring these amazing creatures gracefully flying from crystal to crystal, it‘s an opportunity to experience a new kind of awe. Kids love asking questions about them and when they return are always checking our plant to see if we have any more that are just eating, forming, or have come out.

The butterflies have been such a nice conversation piece with our customers and we are so grateful for this experience. For me raising butterflies in my shop is a wonderful adventure, which brings me closer to nature.