Butterflies at the Village Rock Shop

Butterflies at the Village Rock Shop

Over the Covid-19 pandemic, we employed a gardener, Chris Bany to improve our outdoor space. During this time as our landscape improved, we learned so much from our gardener about plants that attract butterflies. One of these plants is milkweed and we included it in our landscape. As the plants were close to our store entrance, a couple of larvae found their way in and created their chrysalises in our store.

For us raising butterflies in our shop is a wonderful adventure:

  • we love what they represent; the soul, rebirth, spiritual transformation
  • our customers love to admire them flying from crystal to crystal
  • having plants and butterflies in our shop brings us closer to Nature
  • we started to sell a new category of products; butterfly jewelry

Butterfly Products

We update our products daily. Call us at 760.626.8520 and we can check on certain products in the store, send you pictures and ship your products. You may also email us with questions or what you are trying to find and one of our staff will reply within a day . You can also visit our physical store for more unique products at: 2690 State St, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA 92008.