Wrapping Cats Crystal Jewelry

The healing process with crystals involves the use of these amazing stones as amulets worn on the body. It is an easy way to shed negative energies and absorb the specific properties of these wonderful stones.

At Village Rock Shop, our collection of crystal jewelry is specially designed to bring happiness, health, prosperity and abundance. You need to follow your heart, to choose the best crystal jewelry for your needs. We collaborate with creative, talented artists and jewelers to provide you constantly with beautifully handcrafted pieces.

We have as suppliers Eric and his partner Sydney, the inspired artists from Wrapping Cats. The jewelry they make is not only beautiful but also allows connecting more to our favorite stones. Wearing their crystal jewelry is a very good way to get the healing benefits of them.

Eric and Sydney work with love and dedication designing and creating each piece to maximize its cleansing and balancing powers.

Wrapping Cats Crystal Jewelry at Village Rock Shop

Whether you need a basic chakra cleanse, or more focus and balance, they have the perfect jewelry for you. Their products can be found at Village Rock Shop. Wearing their crystal jewelry will enhance your energy, and help to manifest positive intentions.

Crystal jewelry pieces are tools that you can use to help you make the necessary transformations in your being and in your life

Once you realized what energy you need to bring into your life, you can select the crystal jewelry with the specific energy to match. Eric and Sydney make custom crystal jewelry. You just need to bring the stone you wish to wear, and they will create a unique, beautifully designed jewelry- rings, bracelets, necklaces to complement and compliment your look.