What Can a Carnelian Necklace Help With?

July 13th 2021

Carnelian has been the source of fascination since ancient times. It's easy to understand why this mineral gained increasing popularity these days. Carnelian minerals were used as protective talismans and worn as amulets by kings and warriors to enhance vitality, courage, and inner strength. These days Carnelian jewelry is no longer reserved only for the upper classes. The stone's affordable price makes it possible for anyone to invest in one or more Carnelian jewelry pieces. To fully reap the benefits of Carnelian stones, wear them as pendants to have their energy with you throughout your day.

Carnelian's spiritual meaning and metaphysical properties

Carnelian was considered a stone of fertility in many cultures. During the Middle Ages, Carnelian became a stone of alchemy and was also used as a protective talisman against misfortune and diseases. The mineral resonates with all three lower chakras; the Root chakra, Sacral chakra, and the Solar Plexus promoting stability, confidence, and enhanced sex drive.

Why Wear Carnelian Pendants and Necklaces

The following reasons may help you decide to purchase one or more Carnelian pendants:

  • Many inspired designs are available on the market; look for handcrafted pieces; raw or tumbled Carnelian wrapped in copper, silver, or gold.
  • These pendants will never go out of style and each stone is unique, so there are no two Carnelian pendants alike. Handcrafted Carnelian pendants will add a personal touch to your outfit and allow you to express your individual style.
  • Another reason to buy Carnelian pendants is the set of benefits that will amaze you. The stone's uplifting vibe will help you take on your everyday life with a more positive outlook.
  • Use your pendant as a reminder throughout your day, to be constantly reminded of your goals and intentions. This way you'll be more likely inspired to achieve them.

When to Wear Your Carnelian Pendant?

Dealing with your daily duties can make you feel overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, or exhaustion. To help you overcome your negative emotions we recommend you to wear Carnelian pendants with energizing properties. It will bring you vitality, joy of life, and confidence.

Carnelian pendants carry the healing powers of this colorful stone. Wearing Carnelian jewelry is not only a great way to harness the stone's properties, but it also allows you to show off the stone's beauty.

Wearing it as a pendant is helpful for individuals involved in manual work in which Carnelian rings or bracelets are likely to get damaged. Wearing a Carnelian pendant is also suitable for healing purposes.

When you wear them and they are in direct contact with your skin, these pendants will infuse your whole being with their energy, ensuring you get the most of their benefits.

Gemstone Jewelry at the Village Rock Shop

Whenever you want to achieve a unique style that makes you stand out from the crowd, Carnelian is what you should wear. The stone has a beautiful color that ranges from intense orange to fiery red and reddish-brown.

No matter what's the latest jewelry and fashion trend, a beautiful handcrafted gemstone pendant or necklace is always an excellent investment. Since gems absorb and carry energies, it's essential to cleanse your gemstone jewelry regularly.

Aside from boosting your vitality, improving your sex drive, wearing Carnelian pendants can also attract success and abundance. This beautiful orange mineral can empower you to make positive choices and transform your life for the better.

We offer a wide variety of handcrafted gemstone jewelry pieces that will never go out of fashion. If you are looking for quality Carnelian products, we invite you to visit our shop to choose from our collection.