The Benefits Of Using Shungite Soap

An essential step in our daily skincare routine is cleansing. As we know, the most common cleanser is soap. However, regular soap can cause irritation and it's not recommended to be used daily to wash the face, especially for women who have delicate and sensitive skin.

When it comes to skincare, Shungite soap is one of the best options. It is natural, handmade, rich in minerals and does not contain chemicals. Typically, Shungite soaps are made using the traditional, cold process technique.

All its amazing properties - cleansing, calming, soothing, nourishing - make Shungite perfect for daily use. This special soap is an excellent and valuable skincare product due to the unique properties of Shungite, including powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

This miraculous mineral, which can be found only in Karelia, Russia, is a natural source of antioxidants that are essential for our skin.

The handmade, all-natural, Shungite soap can be beneficial for the skin:

  • helps to relieve inflammation, acne, rashes
  • it has antioxidant effects
  • removes the dead skin cells
  • detoxifies and purifies the skin

The Shungite soap is a highly efficient disinfectant, it thoroughly removes up to 97% of bacteria from the skin and helps to inhibit the spread of diseases. People with sensitive skin or allergies can also benefit from the amazing properties of Shungite soaps. We recommend testing the Shungite soap on a small spot of your skin first, to see if any irritation occurs.

Shungite Products at the Village Rock Shop

At the Village Rock Shop, you will find carefully selected Shungite stones from Russia and handmade, quality Shungite products. You can use them as tools to protect yourself against negative energies and in your daily skincare routine.

We provide completely natural Shungite soap bars with no chemicals and other artificial substances. Our Shungite soap bars are made with care, using traditional methods and contain Shungite powder C60, which means it has 60% carbon content, olive oil soap base, essential oils, and herbs. The Shungite soap is a valuable skincare product, thanks to the therapeutic and protective properties of Shungite.

We offer carefully selected Shungite stones and handmade Shungite products including:

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