The Best Crystals for Stress and Emotional Healing

Our customers buy crystals and gemstones for various reasons. One of the most frequent questions we get from them is what stones are the best for emotional healing and stress relief.

There are several crystals and gemstones that can act as efficient tools to help us when we feel overwhelmed by negative emotions or we face stressful times.

Everyone resonates with different stones, so when you want to choose the best crystals for you, trust your intuition. All these amazing stones can be really helpful in navigating these challenging times when uncertainty and insecurity can disturb our inner peace and emotional balance.

How to select crystals for emotional healing? Take a moment and close your eyes, take the crystals one by one, hold it in your hand and see which one feels good with your energy.

When you selected a crystal, set an intention on it. Hold it in your hand, visualize a white light going through the crystal and set your intention. You can use any formula you like. It can be something like: I feel connected to the healing power of nature through this crystal.

Crystals for Emotional Healing at the Village Rock Shop

  • Rose Quartz - the stone of unconditional love, is a great tool for emotional healing and balancing. It can help to awaken self-love, self-care, and emotional harmony.

How to use it: keep Rose Quartz spheres or raw crystal near your bed, Rose Quartz crystal hearts on your desk, keep Rose Quartz palm stone in your pocket, wear them as jewelry or use it during healing sessions or meditations.

  • Green Tree Agate is a wonderful stone when we need to overcome emotional traumas and any kind of negativity. It purifies and transforms negative thoughts and feelings and helps us regain our emotional balance and serenity.

How to use it: lay down for relaxation and place it over your heart chakra or hold it in your hand during your meditation. Place it near your bed, keep it in your pocket or wear green agate jewelry.

  • Calcite comes in various colors and it balances emotions, releases negative feelings, and soothes anxieties. It can be an efficient tool in healing emotional traumas and overcoming depression.

How to use it: place an Orange Calcite sphere or Blue Calcite heart in your bedroom, keep a small raw crystal in your pocket or wear calcite bracelets to be in contact with the energy of this amazing stone during the day.

  • Lepidolite is one of the most popular stones in our shop. Our customers buy it for its calming, peaceful energy, it's known as one of the best stones for emotional healing and balancing. This beautiful stone calms the emotions, heals emotional traumas, and brings a sense of inner security.

How to use it: create a tranquil and peaceful space by lighting a candle on your altar and place Lepidolite near to fill your room with calm, peaceful energy. Another efficient method is to place a Lepidolite over your solar plexus to relieve tensions and negativity. Place it near your bed to feel its calming energy while sleeping.

  • Moonstone is the gentle, nourishing stone of the Moon, a great aid in relieving tensions and balancing emotions. It brings a state of calm, inner security and it is a wonderful stone for emotional healing.

How to use it: hold it in your hand during meditation, place it on your altar, or near the bed. Wear it as jewelry it is a beautiful stone that can complement your outfit.

  • Of all the crystals for emotional healing and stress relief, my favorite is the Amethyst. It balances and helps center on an emotional level healing old traumas.

How to use it: Amethyst stimulates the throat and crown chakras, so the Amethyst necklace or pendant should be worn near the throat or the heart. Placed over the solar plexus during relaxation, meditation, or healing sessions, it draws out negative emotional patterns.