Which Are the Angel Crystals?

Have you ever wondered how to contact angels? It's easier than you think. Angels are all around us, all the time, ready to help, assist, and guide us. We need to invoke them and ask for their help. Angels provide us with inspiration, guidance, and support and protect us from negative entities or energies.

When we are surrounded by angels, our aura is infused with the energies of unconditional love, faith, and divine light. Certain crystals carry specific vibrations that help us resonate with the angelic or spiritual realms. These stones can put us into vibrational resonance with these celestial realms.

The best crystals that resonate with the angelic realms and help to connect with angels are:

  • Celestite
  • Angelite
  • Seraphinite
  • Angel Aura
  • Selenite
  • Green Prehnite

Celestite to Connect With Celestial Realms

The ethereal Celestite can help you connect to your guardian angels. The crystal's pure energy and your guardian angel's presence will be exceptionally helpful in relieving stress and anxiety.

Celestite helps to transform negative, unwanted emotions, and attachments, bringing a sense of peace and serenity. Your guardian angels will inspire you on how to transform these emotions into pure love, joy, and compassion. Their lovely presence will infuse your aura with light.

How to use Celestite to contact the angels:

  • Meditate with raw Celestite crystals, this is the most effective way to attune to the angelic realm
  • Wear Celestite jewelry to remind you of the presence of your guardian angel
  • Display raw Celestite on your altar or in your sacred space

Angelite to Connect with Your Guardian Angel

Angelite is the crystal of serenity, calm, and inner peace. This beautiful blue stone dispels negative emotions like fear, anger, frustration. Angelite will help you manifest unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and all the other attributes of the angelic entities. Angelite is often used for meditations to connect with angels, archangels, and spirit guides.

How to use your Angelite:

  • Hold your Angelite in your hand while meditating, it will help you enter deep meditative states and connect with your higher self
  • Carry a piece of tumbled Angelite in your pocket, to remind you of the protective presence of your guardian angel
  • Wear Angelite jewelry, it will remind you that you can ask the help of your guardian angels when you are facing difficult situations
  • Work with Angelite whenever you want to receive telepathic messages and guidance from the angels

Selenite to Cleanse and Recharge Your Angel Crystals

Selenite is a sweet angelic stone, it can help you to activate your crown chakra and access the celestial and angelic realms. The pure, high-vibrational energy of Selenite will cleanse your aura and offer protection from negative entities. Whenever you feel an unwanted subtle presence or you have nightmares, call your angels, connect to their magnificent being with the help of your Selenite crystal, and ask for their protection.

How to use Selenite to connect with angels:

Angel Aura Quartz to Receive Angelic Messages While You Sleep

Angel Aura Quartz has a strong resonance with angels. The crystal is an efficient guide to spiritual realms, including the angelic realm. Place your crystal under your pillow to protect you from bad dreams and nightmares.

How to use your Angel Aura Quartz to connect with angels:

  • When you want to contact your guardian angel hold your Angel Aura Quartz in your hands close your eyes, relax, and get tuned to the energy of the crystal
  • Angel Aura is also recommended for relaxation and healing techniques, lay down, relax, place your Angel Aura Crystal on the Heart Chakra area, focus on the energy of the crystal, ask the angels to help and assist you in your healing process
  • Sleep with Angel Aura Crystal, keep tumbled crystals under your pillow, set the intention that you want to connect with angels, and receive angelic messages during your sleep.

Green Prehnite to Connect with Archangel Raphael

Green Prehnite will help you connect with angels, archangels, and other celestial entities. It is a beautiful light green crystal with gentle, nurturing energy. It opens the Heart Chakra, balances the emotional level, helps you to transform your intense negative emotions, and achieve a sense of peace and tranquility. The crystal is specifically known to aid in connecting with Archangel Raphael, so it is a must-have stone for energy healers and massage therapists.

  • Contacting archangels is much easier when you meditate with Prehnite
  • Create a crystal grid for healing and display it in your meditation corner or in your bedroom
  • Place the crystal on tensioned areas of your body while meditating or relaxing
  • Whenever you feel blocked on the emotional level, place your Green Prehnite on your Heart Chakra area, and ask your guardian angel to infuse your aura with love and divine light.

Angel Crystals at the Village Rock Shop

Other crystals that can connect with the angelic and celestial realms are Seraphinite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Lepidolite. Feeling the presence of angels can take many forms - a pure vibration or emotions like love, calmness, joy, happiness, or serenity.

Once you have established a connection with angels ask your question. When you contact your angels, always be respectful, grateful, and have patience. They will answer your prayers when the time comes.

If you don't know which crystal to choose to help you contact the angels, we will gladly assist you. In our shop, you'll find carefully sourced, high-quality crystals that resonate with the spiritual realms.