Snakeskin Agate Benefits and Properties

Our customers love our Snakeskin Agate selection. Many of them want to know more about these semi-translucent Agates. The Snakeskin Agate is characterized by the surface crazed markings, which make it look like the skin of a snake.

The stone is semi-translucent and displays orange, beige, or yellow colors with peach, orange, and white translucent bands. The Snakeskin Agate is not popular only for its appearance, crystal therapists love to work with this stone, due to its wonderful properties.

Energy healers and crystal enthusiasts consider that the stone's energy helps in promoting courage and strength during busy times when we feel overwhelmed by the events and activities of our everyday lives. The Snakeskin Agate brings a sense of inner peace and inspires a harmonious and joyful approach to life. It can help us control our emotions, and open our heartss to experience joy, love, and happiness.

How to Use the Snakeskin Agate

  • Carry Snakeskin Agate with you to infuse your aura with a grounding, protective energy that will dissipate your fears, doubts, and worries
  • Wear Snakeskin Agate jewelry to attract wealth, abundance, and good luck in your life
  • Display Snakeskin Agate hearts in your home to create a warm, peaceful atmosphere
  • This is a great stone for children with powerful protective energy that also brings joy and happiness
  • Display Snakeskin Agate in your office, the stone awakens a pragmatic way of thinking, helps in important decision making, and finding practical solutions
  • Work with Snakeskin Agate to enhance your analytical abilities and help to focus on your goals
  • Meditate with Snakeskin Agate to help you calm your internal chatter and experience deep meditative states

High-Quality Agate Crystals at the Village Rock Shop

Snakeskin Agate stimulates and energizes the root, solar plexus, and crown chakras. It can be an excellent tool in helping emotional traumas, it has a powerful cleansing effect that will heal, balance, and energize the emotional level. Carry Agate crystals with you throughout your day and you'll experience an increase of joy, self-love, and self-esteem. Agates are some of the most beneficial stones in stressful times, helping us to be grounded, calm and centered. Pay us a visit to buy from our carefully selected Agate collection a gift for your loved one.

In our shop, you'll find a wide variety of Agate crystals, including: