Smudging for Healing

I use sage smudging to purify my home because I like the scent of sage smoke and love to enjoy its benefits. Sage smudging makes me feel balanced and calm. Even after a few minutes of smudging, the energy in my home feels completely cleansed and revigorated.

Some people avoid using smudging because they find it too complex, but the truth is you do not have to perform an elaborate ritual every time you want to smudge. Once you know the basic steps you can make it quick and simple. Smudging with spiritual herbs purifies the energies, this is the main benefit of this practice.
The most common plants and resins used now for smudging were used for thousands of years in different cultures for religious and healing purposes:

  • Garden Sage
  • White Sage
  • Palo Santo
  • Cedar
  • Lavender
  • Sweet-grass

How to Use Smudging for Yourself?

Smudging was used for healing since ancient times

Native Americans, shamans, and healers from various cultures used smudging for purifying, balancing, and healing purposes. According to some spiritual traditions, diseases have their origin in the spiritual body.

Smudging rituals were performed to cleanse all levels, including the physical and spiritual levels, and the benefits of smudging varied depending on what herbs or what combination of herbs were used by the shaman or the healer.

Most energy healers recommend starting the smudging at your Crown chakra and move the smudging stick or bundle down on your body all the way to your feet to purify all your chakras. Smudging can be performed as an everyday ritual or used in times of sickness to cleanse and purify the environment.

When done correctly and responsibly, smudging is entirely safe.

Basic Steps of Smudging

The following steps apply whether you perform the smudging to cleanse a space, an object, or yourself. The ancient practice of smudging is sacred in many cultures, so perform it with respect and gratitude.

  • Leave a window open in the room during and after the smudging. Remove your pets, if there's any from the room.
  • Light the end of the smudging bundle or stick with a match or candle and let it burn for about 20 seconds.
  • After you gently blow out the flame, the tips of the leaves or the stick will smolder slowly, releasing smoke.
  • Guide the smoke to the areas you'd like to focus on with one hand or a feather while holding the bundle in the other one. Allow the ash to collect in a shell or a bowl.
  • Extinguish the smudge stick or bundle, dubbing the burning tip firmly into a fireproof bowl until it's completely extinguished.

Products for Smudging at the Village Rock Shop

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