Smudging Bundles for Love

When Valentine's Day comes around, you might want to surprise your loved one with a Valentine's Day gift to make it memorable. While gourmet chocolates and select wine are classic gifts, you can also come up with a special Valentine's Day dinner at your place.

I can't think of a better way to enhance the romantic atmosphere of your home than with candles and smudging. Use a smudging bundle for love to invite the energies of love and romance in your home and create a special space for your Valentine's Day dinner.

Smudging, the ancient practice of burning sacred herbs and resins is a great way to purify the energies of your home. It is a centuries-old tradition to cleanse an ambiance and keep it pure. Smudging was used to cleanse and prepare a space for meditations, rituals and spiritual ceremonies.

You don't need a special occasion to smudge your home, you can do it anytime you want.

What Do I Need for a Smudging Bundle for Love?

The herbs of a smudging love bundle are selected with the intention to attract the energies of pure love into your space. Smudging is a sacred act used to cleanse and keep a sacred space pure, full of positive energies. When you smudge with these bundles, you will also activate your Heart Chakra and infuse your being with pure, protective, and loving energies.

For smudging you need to have:

  • a bundle of sacred herbs or a smudge stick
  • a smudge stick holder - abalone shell is great for that
  • a smudging fan - often made of feathers
  • a lighter

A Smudging Bundle for Love is a combination of dried herbs, flowers, and crystals, including:

  • Sage - valued for its magical healing and purifying properties
  • Rosebuds and rose petals - to attract love, happiness, and romance
  • Lavender flowers - to bring peace, tranquillity, purification, spiritual healing, love and happiness
  • Rose quartz - which is known as the stone of unconditional love

Smudging Bundles for Love at the Village Rock Shop

We offer a wide variety of handcrafted herbal smudge bundles, smudging sticks and smudging kits. When you pay us a visit you can also find sacred herbs and crystals for DIY smudging bundles. Smudging bundles for love have a nice fragrance and create a unique space filled with love and romance. A smudging bundle of love can be also a great gift for special occasions - birthdays, anniversaries or Valentine's Days.

How to Use the Smudging Bundle for Love?�Smudging brings cleansing and light into your home, workplace, altar or meditation area. It is quite simple: light the bundle, let it burn heavy for a moment, then blow it out. Let the smoke start moving through your place and use the feather to keep creating smoke while holding a shell or bowl under the bundle to catch any of the ashes the smudging bundle creates.