Smithsonite Healing & Spiritual Properties

Smithsonite is a zinc carbonate that belongs to the calcite group of minerals. It can have iron, calcium, magnesium, cadmium, copper, and cobalt in its composition. The beautiful appearance of this mineral is enhanced by its silky to pearly luster.

Smithsonite's name comes from Francois Sulpice Beudant. He named it Smithsonite in honor of James Smithson, who identified the mineral, and who is also known as the founder of the famous Smithsonian Institute.

Smithsonite rarely forms crystals, it's mostly found in botryoidal masses and stalactites. The stone, also known as Zinc Spar, appears in a variety of colors depending on the trace impurities that are in its composition:

  • Light to dark blue or green - with copper impurities
  • Light to dark pink or purple - with cobalt impurities
  • Light to dark yellow - with cadmium impurities
  • Brown and red - with iron impurities

Smithsonite's Benefits on Physical Level

Smithsonite is used by crystal therapists to help heal the reproductive organs and balance the endocrine system. It can boost physical energy and the immune system.
Smithsonite is also used by crystal therapists and energy healers to help to:

  • activate the thymus gland
  • clear the sinuses
  • help in healing digestive disorders
  • ease osteoporosis
  • restore veins and muscles
  • ease pain

Midwives use Smithsonite to ease the childbirth process. It is also an excellent mineral ally for those who are convalescing from a long illness. Another great benefit is that reduces the cravings for alcohol or drugs, being very helpful for those who struggle with addictions.

Smithsonite's Benefits on the Emotional Level

Smithsonite's soothing energy is excellent for emotional healing and balancing. It can assist you in becoming kinder, with more compassion, comforting and supportive. We recommend carrying a piece of Smithsonite if you are hypersensitive or try to recover after traumatic experiences. Let the mineral's nourishing and regenerating energy infuse your aura throughout your day.
This beautiful light blue mineral also helps to:

  • reduce anxiety
  • reduce tension
  • cool anger and resentment
  • increase leadership abilities
  • communicate with diplomacy
  • bring harmony into relationships
  • heal emotional traumas
  • release fear
  • ease panic attacks
  • promote friendship

It is a natural stress reliever, brings comfort when you feel lonely. Smithsonite can be used to settle down relationship issues. Brings comfort to those who feel unwanted or unloved, or felt that way in their childhood.

Smithsonite's Benefits on Spiritual Level

Smithsonite helps to relax an overactive mind during all kinds of conflicts - relationship, work, legal issues. It brings peace, calmness, and tranquility to an agitated mind. Smithsonite is an excellent tool for spiritual practices, it will not only help you calm your mind but will also activate your psychic abilities Place a raw Simthsonite on your Third eye or Crown chakra area (on your forehead or top of the head ) to have an enhanced awareness during astral travels.

Other metaphysical properties:

  • helps to induce the alpha state
  • helps to resonate with high-frequency subtle energies
  • it can assist you to access spiritual realms for guidance and inspiration
  • an excellent tool during meditation, tarot reading, psychic reading, I Ching
  • promotes telepathic communication
  • helps to understand and use your intuitive and psychic abilities
  • enhances intuition and intellect

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