Self-Love Crystal Guided Meditation Techniques

Do you find yourself struggling with self-forgiveness? Do you always put other people's needs above your own? Do you put yourself down or criticize yourself often?

If you've nodded, then you might consider meditating with these five crystals that promote self-love, compassion, forgiveness, and strength to reinforce a greater sense of self-worth and wellbeing.

Meditation stones and crystals offer amazing and powerful benefits that you may not otherwise experience through other methods. People meditate for different reasons and use crystals to aid their spiritual journey, to reduce anxiety, to help them sleep better, and last but not least, to increase and sustain self-love.

Self-Love Crystals for Guided Meditation

Meditation is a commonly known and accepted form of alternative healing that helps reduce anxiety, stress, and promotes happiness and self-love. Citrine, for example, will help you reconnect with your true essence and understand one's self-worth.

We also highly recommend Red Jasper, one of the most healing crystals in times of need, as it helps you locate and harness your inner power.

Finally, use Malachite to help you access your subconscious and understand what situations have served you and which have not.

Use Self-Love Crystal Grids To Amplify Their Power

Crystal grids are an effective tool for self-love meditation sessions that will cleanse and protect your home, your spirit and can also be used to redirect your healing intentions toward a loved one.

At our shop, we have locally-made grids from recycled materials to show Mother Earth some love:

You can place any crystals on your grid, but for maximum efficiency, aside from citrine, red jasper, and malachite, we also suggest using crystals that target the heart chakra:

Visit Our Rock Shop; We Offer a Great Variety of Self-Love Crystals

Crystal mediation can help you achieve any goal or dream especially if you use crystals with specific purposes and uses.

Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, if you integrate crystal meditation into your daily routine, you will reap the benefits in no time.

Taking any of the crystals above, either in their raw or polished form, we encourage you to couple them with our video for a complete crystal-guided meditation session for self-love, acceptance, personal growth, and transformation.

We invite you to check our webshop and check out each crystal at your discretion and decide whether they are a good fit for your situation.

If you don't find a particular stone on our webshop, please call us and let us know; we might have it at our store for you.