Selenite Tower Skyscraper Crystal Benefits

When people visit our shop, they are almost instantly drawn to the Selenite skyscrapers. I'm amazed at how they are attracted to them touching and picking up these beautiful crystal towers. The name Selenite comes from the Greek word Selene. Selene is the goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology. The Selenite crystal skyscrapers glow like the Moon with their shimmery, pearl-like luster. Selenite skyscrapers are hand-shaped crystal formations cut from large pieces of natural Selenite. It is a protective stone; it shields us and the space we live in from harmful energetic influences.

A Selenite tower skyscraper is a powerful cleansing tool, a must-have stone to have in our homes and offices, as it will constantly cleanse and protect the energy of the environment. When we place 4 Selenite skyscrapers in the corners of a room, the stones will acts as powerful protective shields, absorbing and dispelling all the negative energies, creating a safe, harmonious space.

Selenite's Benefits on Multiple Levels

  • The benefits on the physical level - energy healers believe that Selenite can reverse the effects of "free radicals" and can heal and regenerate on the cellular level. Associated with the skeletal system and the spine, Selenite skyscrapers can be used to align the spinal column.
  • The benefits on the energetic level - Selenite is often used to remove energy blocks, stuck or stagnant energies from the etheric body. Its high vibrations cleanse the aura and activate the higher chakras. It can also be a helpful tool for those who wish to strengthen their mental abilities.
  • The benefits on the spiritual level - Selenite opens the higher chakras, helps us connect with our higher self, brings calm and peace. Selenite can activate and clear the higher chakras, therefore, the Selenite skyscrapers are excellent tools for many spiritual practices. Selenite can help us connect with our spiritual guides, and guardian angels to receive guidance and protection.

Selenite Skyscraper - an excellent tool and a beautiful gift

Selenite is a soft mineral, continuous exposure to moisture can cause its degradation. Therefore it should be kept dry. Selenite is a must-have stone for crystal enthusiasts. It is known as one of the few crystals that can cleanse and recharge not only itself but other stones. Selenite is an excellent tool for spiritual practices and healing sessions, and it is a beautiful decorative piece that will bring the radiant beauty of the Moon in your home.