Selenite Reactions & Where to Place It

As an exquisite crystal, selenite is nearly translucent, but it also has marvelous saturations. This stone is perfect for you if you often find yourself surrounded by negative energy, whether it comes from you or the people around you. If you have discouraging thoughts, perceptions, and ideas, selenite will help you remove these from your mind if you use them regularly.

However, whether you already use selenite or are interested in purchasing this amazing crystal, you may wonder how the stone reacts to various elements and if it gets damaged in certain situations. It is essential to be aware of the properties of selenite and the reactions it produces in contact with elements from its environment in order to know where to place it and how to care for the crystal.

Read about the reaction of selenite to water and sunlight, the ideal places where you can put the stone to benefit from its properties, and the crystals with which you can pair it to increase its power.

Is It Safe to Cleanse Selenite in Water?

Because selenite is made of gypsum, you should never let it soak in water for a long time, as it can dissolve completely.

Instead, you can rinse the crystal in running water for a few seconds as a way of cleansing it and subsequently dry it with a soft cloth.

Nevertheless, the time it takes for selenite to be damaged by water depends on whether it has a finish or a sealant or whether it has cracks.

If you leave selenite in water for several hours, you will notice that your crystal has become considerably smaller, that it no longer has the finish or sealant, or that it has been cleaved into multiple pieces.

Furthermore, saltwater will damage selenite even more, as salt is corrosive and highly abrasive on stones like selenite.

When your selenite crystal cracks or gets damaged, avoid further exposing it to water. You can also purchase a new selenite crystal to ensure its efficiency.

Selenite and Exposure to Sunlight

While you can leave your piece of selenite in direct sunlight for a short time, long exposure to the rays of the sun can also greatly damage the crystal by making it look dull, faded, and lacking its bright white shine. More specifically, you should not expose selenite to sunlight for more than 4 hours. If you want to use sunlight to cleanse selenite, you should keep a close eye on the clock and monitor the time it is exposed to the rays of the sun.

Nonetheless, to fully protect your stone, it is better to avoid placing it in direct sunlight and instead leave it on a windowsill or a shelf where the place is bright and sunny.

There are numerous alternatives to cleansing selenite without exposing it to sunlight, such as sage smudging or moonlight. Since the name of the crystal translates to "moon" in Greek, moonlight is the ideal way of purifying selenite. You can place selenite on your windowsill overnight so that it can fully charge with the energy of the moonlight.

Placing Selenite in Your Car for Protection

Selenite has the amazing property of eliminating strong negative energy, so it is also a great crystal to have in your car. The ideal place where you should put selenite in your car is under the passenger's seat, which will cleanse the vibration of anyone who is riding with you.

Moreover, selenite purifies the energy of your car and keeps it vibrating at the highest level. This stone also ensures safe driving. When you place it in your car or charge your crown chakra with selenite before driving, you will most likely notice a peculiar light guiding you on the road.

We recommend keeping the following selenite products in your car:

Where Should I Place Selenite in My Home?

There are many places in your home where you can put selenite to benefit from this crystal's extraordinary properties. You can place selenite near the front door to clear any negative energy you have encountered throughout the day and brought home with you.

Another good place to have selenite is your bedroom, as it promotes better sleep, helps with insomnia, and eliminates nightmares. Finally, the living room is another great place to put selenite since it promotes a peaceful atmosphere by creating a protective aura around your home.

To benefit from the protection of selenite in your home, we suggest the following products:

Beneficial Combinations of Selenite and Other Crystals

If you are passionate about crystals and have your own personal collection, you are probably aware that some crystal pairings are even more beneficial than using a single stone. As a crystal with a very high vibration, selenite can be combined with multiple other stones that will amplify its energy and increase its properties, such as:

  • Black tourmaline: increases protective energies
  • Moldavite: amplifies metaphysical properties and provides otherwordly experiences
  • Rose quartz: clears blocked emotions, resentment, and negative lingering feelings
  • Amethyst: promotes spiritual growth, enhanced intuition, and physical comfort
  • Kyanite: encourages self-expression and intuition
  • Clear quartz: strengthens your intentions and regenerates your entire being

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