Selenite Charging Plates & Trays

Selenite crystals represent a great way to let yourself reconnect to your higher self, recharge your energy levels and enter a peaceful state of mind.

Just like the power of the moonlight to overcome the darkness of the sky every night, to reach the ground of Earth, so does this crystal have the ability to remove impurities around it and bring clearance in your heart and mind anytime you need it.

You can count on this translucent, pearly white stone to help you get relaxed and connected in your daily practice. It comes in various forms to help you in the healing process. Some of them are highly esteemed in our Selenite Shop collection, and we are referring to:

Recharge Your Crystals Using The Selenite Charging Plates

If you feel that your crystals are a little dull and don't emanate the same strong energy as before, you might consider using your selenite crystals charging plates and trays to recharge them.

Due to their affinity to the Selenite crystal, the rocks will immediately be attracted to its moon energy, so add them on selenite crystal plates under the moonlight for a better connection and fast recharge. This will boost your crystal's characteristics and keep them charged for longer.

Since the selenite crystals don't need any charging due to their capacity to self purify, they represent a great cleansing source for other crystals. If you visit our shop, you will find numerous crystal charging plates such as:

How To Preserve Your Crystal Plates

Taking good care of your crystals will help you avoid any damage or fast energy drain from them. It is important to take good care of your crystals after each usage to make sure you keep their properties at the highest level and help you achieve your goals faster.

After you have done using the Selenite charging plates, we recommend the following steps to be followed:

  • offer them a nice bath in a bowl of sea saltwater
  • place them under the sunlight for a short period of time
  • clean the surface of the selenite plates with a soft material
  • wrap them in a soft cloth as it will act as an energy shield for your rocks
  • store them in a safe place

Add Various Selenite Charging Crystal Forms To Your Collection

Among the many good sides of this stone, the most important thing is that you have the possibility to recharge your crystal collection using only one selenite charging crystal.

Make sure you always have your selenite crystal with you. Due to its wide form variations found on our website, you will surely find the right form for you. This will only boost your confidence and lead you on clear pathways throughout your daily journeys.

If you are looking for a selenite crystal plate to add to your crystal collection and ensure a successful recharge, we encourage you to visit our shop, where you will be welcomed with any useful information about the selenite charging plates.