Selenite Can Absorb Any Negative Energy & Thoughts

We often get questions about the best crystals for cleansing and protection. The translucent white Selenite is one of the best stones that can absorb negative energies. It represents purity, light, and connection to higher realms, including the angelic realm. Selenite is one of the most sacred stones used for healing and protection throughout history.

By meditating and working with Selenite we can clear any impurities of the mind, including mental blockages, negative thoughts, and memories. The pure energy of Selenite can make our worries and thoughts fade away, by bringing calm, peace, and tranquility.

Due to its benefits, Selenite is used worldwide by energy healers, crystal workers, and other metaphysical practitioners. Selenite is commonly used by energy healers and crystal therapists to clear mental energy blocks, to dispel any negative thought patterns.

Selenite Towers for a Pure Environment

Selenite towers uplift and cleanse the energy, so place them in the areas that need to be energized and cleansed. The Selenite tower is an efficient cleaning tool, a must-have crystal for our homes and workplaces, as it will constantly cleanse the energy of the environment.

When we place four Selenite towers in the corners of a room, we'll get a powerful protective shield, absorbing and dispelling all the negative energies, creating a safe, pure space.

Placing Selenite towers in our home and workspace will create a pure and elevated environment:

  • helps to clear your head of negative thoughts while at work
  • removes negative energies and rejuvenates during relaxation
  • cleanses the aura and provides quality sleep
  • creates a protective energy shield to protect from harmful energetic fields

Selenite Pyramid

Pyramide shaped Selenite can act as a powerful talisman to protect us from negative energies. The Selenite pyramid helps to collect and focus energy and it's an efficient tool for meditation. Pyramid-shaped Selenites are powerful tools for manifesting intentions.

Place it near your bed, on your work desk, in your meditation space to create an inspiring, uplifting ambiance. The Selenite pyramid's appearance makes it a beautiful home decor element.

The Selenite Pyramid:

  • creates a protective energetic shield
  • clears energy blocks
  • attracts peaceful, elevated energies
  • dispels negative thoughts

Selenite Spheres for Deep Meditation

Selenite spheres are some of the most popular Selenite products we have at the Village Rock Shop. It's not only an extremely beautiful home decor element but due to its shape spreads pure, high vibrational energies all around.

Selenite spheres can act as reminders that we are all parts of a greater whole - the Universe. These white, translucid spheres are great tools for meditation and relaxation.

Having Selenite spheres in our home and workspace will help us:

  • clear negative thought patterns
  • resonate with the universal energies of peace
  • elevate our vibration
  • have quality, undisturbed sleep
  • enter deep meditative states

Selenite Hearts for Inner Peace

When it comes to Selenite products, Selenite hearts are my favorite ones. It's such a wonderful feeling holding a beautiful white translucid crystal with such gentle energy in my palm. Selenite hearts are cut and polished into this shape, to radiate pure love. It brings peace and tranquility every time we work with it.

Hold a Selenite heart in your hand during meditation, place in on your heart chakra area while you relax, or simply carry one with you in your purse, to enjoy its gentle energy.

Heart-shaped Selenite has many benefits:

  • calms the mental and emotional level
  • help us connect to the Angelic Realm
  • creates a connection with our guardian angels
  • clears the heart chakra
  • clears the aura and elevates our vibration