Selenite Activation and Numerical Vibration

Crystals are known to embody an abundance of healing properties, never ceasing to amaze through their outstanding results. What is still a mystery for many is that crystals, when cared for, can carry certain vibrations and shift energies.

Selenite is a perfect example of an indispensable and powerfully emanating stone. The crystal's delicate appearance is a proper reflection of its peaceful yet highly effective energy.

It instills a sense of serenity and positivity, purifying your personal space and guiding you on the path towards self-awareness and spiritual discovery.

Unlike other crystals, selenite does not require regular cleansing since it is said to cleanse on its own. Treat it gently, as its unique properties help clear the obstacles on your track, eliminate negativity, and attract mental clarity to facilitate transformation. You only need to activate the crystal to achieve its full potential.

How to Activate Selenite

Activating your crystal is essential for stimulating its healing purposes. You can do so in various ways, and you can start by making a spiritual connection with it.

Other activation methods include holding it, feeling it in your hands, sleeping next to it, or smudging it with sage, all while stating your intention to connect with your stone.

You can also create a grid by fully surrounding your crystal with other, more robust stones to absorb their frequencies and become activated. Recommended selenite options include:

Vibrational Number for Selenite

Energy is everywhere around us, and crystals vibrate at different frequencies. The right step is to learn what stones resonate at the correct frequency for what you are trying to achieve. A crystal's vibrational number is determined by the enclosed energy and the frequency on which it vibrates.

The belief that there is a connection between numbers and given names assigns Selenite number 8 as the numerical vibration, symbolizing prosperity, mental clarity, and an overall calming and protective energy.

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Selenite has a wide variety of beneficial effects and is an excellent means of connecting to a higher level of consciousness. As with any other crystal, it requires activation to maximize its full potential, which is a step most people disregard.

All crystals carry specific effects and emanate particular energies. We invite you to visit our shop and select your favorite ones.

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If you feel your spirit is overwhelmed or in need of revitalization, using selenite can be a great way to bring back your passion and liveliness.