The Best Sage Sticks for Smudging

The ritual of burning or smudging sage has a long history dating back to Greek, Roman, and Egyptian medicine. Today, the practice is still used to protect, heal and boost defense against disease.

White sage is the most popular herb used for smudging. Many people burn pure sage, using its smoke to dispel spirits and negative energy, purify the body, but also to promote healing and wisdom.

You can choose to burn sage leaves on their own, but the easiest and most efficient way is to use a sage stick for smudging, which gives off a calming and pleasant rustic aroma.

Sage can also be mixed with a variety of flowers and medicinal herbs. All plants carry a message that affects our spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional selves. Each one of the herbs has its own benefits, but let's see in what ways you can mix sage with other plants.

Sage and Lavender Bundle

Lavender has been used for centuries in purification, love spells, and healing. It is known to be calming and restoring, and it brings about peace, protection, and happiness.

Lavender induces a state of deep rest and calm which is why it is often smudged right before bedtime. It opens the heart chakra and washes away negative energy, stress, and fear.

The word lavender comes from the Latin "lavare", which means "to wash." This plant can open the heart chakra and wash away negative energy, stress, and fear while soothing the nervous system and offering protection. At the Village Rock Shop, we have numerous sage and lavender sticks, also mixed with crystals. Our customers' most frequent choices are:

Sage and Rose Petals Bundle

Rose, the sacred spiritual herb known to open the Heart Chakra, is successfully used in smudging to attract unconditional love, compassion, and understanding.

It brings tranquility, beauty, harmony, and peace to our homes and lives. In Indian and Persian medicine, roses were used in healing sessions for their relaxing, calming properties, especially on the emotional level.

Rose is associated with Isis, the goddess of wisdom, love, and magic in ancient Egypt, but also with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love. That is why the combined effects of sage and rose smudging are known to stimulate sexual arousal, love, attraction, harmony, passion, and peace. To help you experience the incredible benefits of sage and rose petals we offer:

Floral Sage Bundle

Sage is frequently combined with other medicinal herbs and flowers. Each herb comes with a different aroma, energy, and cultural history and the variety of combining them in smudging bundles is incredible.

Each plant is sacred, and each comes with its own benefits and properties. For example, cedar is used for grounding, and protection, while rosemary promotes purification and mental acuity. Thyme is used in healing rituals, while marigold removes negativity. Frankincense is used to send intentions to the gods, and lilac is used for relaxing.

Our smudging sticks bring together all these amazing benefits, bringing perfection to each bundle.

Sage Bundles at the Village Rock Shop

You can choose from simple sage sticks or those mixed with other herbs and flowers, all sourced locally from their natural habitat. Please note that in this article, we included only a few of the great varieties of sage sticks for smudging available in our shop.

The sage sticks you can find in our shop are made only with organic California white sage. We assure you that all the plants used in the sage bundles are pure, and 100% non-GMO.

Besides sage bundles, you can also find unique Sage Stick Gift Sets that include sage, crystals, intention candles, chakra stone bottles, palo santo sticks, and Tibetan rope incense.

You can pay us a visit in Carlsbad and check for yourself our collection of sage bundles, or you can give us a call, and we will help you select the best sage smudging stick for you.