Using Sage Smudging to Cleanse Yourself

Smudging with sage is the best way to cleanse your aura. That is why it is for the best to periodically smudge yourself and make sure that your energies are not stagnant.

You can smudge yourself every day to keep yourself in a balanced, peaceful state of being. The secret to achieving the most out of the sage cleansing process is to smudge with intention and the desire to reach a positive outcome. If you are wondering when is the best time to smudge yourself, here are some examples:

  • When you have been around people who are emotionally unbalanced
  • Before you meditate create a pleasant and calm state of being
  • When you feel depressed, sad, or just had a bad day
  • When you are stressed or feel overwhelmed
  • When you feel energetically off

What to Do Before Sage Cleansing Yourself

Before you even light the sage stick, you should state your intention. Take a moment and decide what you want to release or purify. Think of a mantra or prayer that includes this intention and repeat it while you are smudging yourself.

You can even meditate for a couple of minutes while thinking about this intention. This will help invoke the energy and feelings behind that mantra and make the smudging ritual more efficient. Here are a few mantras that you can use for smudging:

  • I am grateful for happiness, health, and abundance
  • I cleanse myself of any negativity and heaviness
  • I release my body from any worry
  • I live in harmony of body, mind, and spirit
  • I am filled with peace, light, and love
  • I call for protection against negative energy

How to Smudge Yourself Step by Step

Although smudging yourself is easy, especially if you are using a sage stick, there are several steps that you need to be aware of.

After you set your intention, light the sage stick until you see smoke coming out of it. There are several methods to smudge yourself, and each one of them is equally effective. It only depends on you, which one you use.

  • Use your hand or a feather to fan the smoke towards your body. You should start at the top and move downwards.
  • Fan the smoke directly to your heart, the place where the denser energies accumulate. Then proceed up towards your Crown Chakra and move downwards to the Root Chakra.
  • Spiral the smoke around your body, switching the same stick from one hand to the other. Start from the Crown Chakra and move downwards.
  • Start from the left foot, move upwards to your right arm, above your head, and then downwards to your right arm and right foot.

Sage Sticks at the Village Rock Shop

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