How to Effectively Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Radiation?

Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation which can have a negative impact on our bodies on a cellular level. Studies have shown a number of negative effects including cell membrane and DNA damage. All of this damage on a cellular level has repercussions on our physical, emotional and mental health.

In order to protect yourself from cell phone radiation, you need to make some changes.

Keep distance - keeping your phone in your pocket or in your hand puts you at a higher risk of radiation. Keep your phone in a bag, backpack or purse when you are going out, keep it on a desk or table when you are at home or at work and not using it.

Use speakerphone and headsets for voice calls - your phone is communicating with cell towers and satellites whenever you are on a call. Avoid bringing your phone close to your head during voice calls.

Wi-Fi and GPS off when unneeded - with Wi-Fi on, your phone is constantly searching for networks to join, even if there aren't any around. GPS can be a major help, but uses strong signals to connect with satellites to help you find your destination. Turning both Wi-Fi and GPS off reduces radiation considerably.

Text instead of calling - you are still using your phone when texting, but with reduced radiation. During a phone call you are continuously radiated.

Find other ways to communicate with others - your laptop emits far less radiation than your cell phone. Using communication software, like Skype for example, allows you to text, make voice calls and video calls, with less radiation.

Use airplane mode as often as possible - airplane mode turns off pretty much all communications, the only emitted radiation is similar to the radiation of any standard electronic device that isn't connected. Use airplane mode when you read, rest, exercise or have a conversation with someone nearby.

Sleep at a safe distance - when you sleep, your body is regenerating. If you are exposed to damaging levels of EMF radiation you will not be able to benefit from this regeneration process. It is best to put your cell phone in another room or at the opposite end of the room while sleeping.

Reduce your overall cell phone usage - by getting aware of how attached you became to your cell phone. Enjoy the environment or the company of your loved ones rather than keeping your face buried in your phone all the time. Put your phone down and find activities that can bring more health, balance and harmony in your life and in your being. Purchase Shungite cell phone tabs to reduce radiation.

Get grounded - it is an easy and efficient way to reduce the negative energies from EMF exposure. Put your bare feet on the ground and soak up through your feet the Earth's negatively-charged electrons, this will create balance in your inner electrical circuitry.

Protect Yourself with Healing Crystals and Spiritual Herbs

Crystals, gemstones and spiritual herbs can help mitigate the dangerous effects of cell phone radiation. Cleanse your being and your environment's energy with smudging using sage or palo santo.

Wear healing crystals, carry palm stones in your pocket, display crystals in your home and your workplace to cleanse the ambiance and protect you from harmful radiation.

The best crystals for this are the following:

  • Black Tourmaline -a highly protective and shielding stone.
  • Shungite - considered a highly effective crystal in absorbing and transforming EMF radiations and elevating your energetic frequency. Place it near your cell phone to minimize its EMF radiations.
  • Selenite - vibrates with a flow of pure, bright, positive energy purifying the environment that surrounds you.