Powerful Amethyst Gifts For The Holidays

What would you like to find under the Christmas tree this holiday season? If you are a crystal enthusiast, the answer is simple: crystals.

One of my favorite crystals is Amethyst, I love it not only for its beautiful purple color and breathtaking appearance but also for its powerful properties. Amethyst is considered one of the world's most popular crystals and in many spiritual traditions, has been valued for its legendary properties.

We love the holiday season, the family gatherings, the parties, gifts, festivities, but for many is one of the most stressful periods of the year.

Amethyst's peaceful energy helps those who are overworked and stressed. This beautiful purple crystal makes a meaningful gift for any occasion and it can be a wonderful surprise for your loved ones this holiday season.

3 Reasons to Buy Amethyst Gifts for Her

#1 Reason - Reduces anxiety

Surprise the special women in your life with beautiful Amethyst heart-shaped geodes. The heart shape is the symbol of affection, it represents love and romance, the Amethyst reduces stress and anxiety.

#2 Reason - It looks amazing in jewelry pieces

If you want to surprise your loved one with crystal jewelry, Amethyst is an excellent choice to start with. The violet-purple Amethyst jewelry pieces are relatively affordable compared to other crystal jewelry pieces.

#3 Reason - It has a beautiful color

Women love purple and pink crystals. Pink Amethyst's shades range from gentle light pink hues to deeper peachy-pink. The purple Amethyst presents light and deep purple shades.

3 Reasons to Buy Amethyst Gifts for Him

#1 Reason - Offers protection against negative energies

The stone's high-frequency energy creates a pure ambiance wherever it is displayed, at home or at work. It dissipates the negative energies and wards us against negative influences.

#2 Reason - It's a natural stress reliever

Amethyst has a calming, soothing energy, it can induce a relaxed, yet alert state. This powerful crystal is known as a natural stress reliever, it reduces anxiety, frustrations, anger and stress.

#3 Reason - It's an elegant decor element for his office

Amethyst clusters, geodes, spheres, hearts, or tower generators can be beautiful home decor elements. Display Amethyst tower generators in your home or workplace, to attract calming, protective energies.

Amethyst Gifts for Spiritual Practitioners

If you have friends or family members who love to practice yoga or meditate Amethyst gifts are an excellent choice for this holiday season. Amethyst has powerful metaphysical properties, strengthens the connection with spiritual realms, enhances higher states of consciousness, and awakens intuition.

Purple or Pink Amethyst is an excellent choice if you want to create a pure space for spiritual practices, the most popular Amethyst products for yoga studios and meditation rooms are:

Our clients love to buy Amethyst palm stones for meditations. It calms the mind and helps to experience deep meditative states.

Amethyst Gifts for Family Members

Are you looking for unique Christmas gifts for your family members? We recommend our carefully sourced high-quality Amethyst products. Amethyst is one of the most valued crystals since ancient times, you'll surely find in our shop crystal products that will bring a smile to your loved one's faces on Christmas night. One of our most popular products this season is the Amethyst Self-Care Gift Set. It contains everything you need to create a pure, peaceful ambiance for a cold winter evening: all-natural candles, sage bundle and tumbled Amethysts.

Here's a list of our Amethyst products that make wonderful gifts for any of your family members: