Peach Selenite - Benefits and Uses

August 16th 2020

Peach Selenite, also known as Orange or Red Selenite has exceptionally pure energy. Our clients get almost instantly attracted to this beautiful orange stone. Peach Selenite it's not popular only due to its astonishing appearance. It is valued by energy healers, collectors, and crystal workers mostly because of its high-frequency energy and its benefits.

Selenite has a unique property, it can cleanse and recharge other crystals and gemstones. Peach Selenite's beautiful color comes from its mixture with other minerals.

Some of the Selenite Products you can find at the Village Rock Shop:

  • Raw Selenite
  • Raw Peach Selenite
  • Selenite Plates
  • Selenite Bowls
  • Selenite Wands
  • Selenite Bundles
  • Selenite Spheres
  • Selenite Hearts

Benefits of Peach Selenite

Crystal therapists consider that Peach Selenite has benefits on all levels of our being - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

  • Benefits on the physical level - Selenite is used by energy healers to direct energy into the body to clear blockages. It is also used for problems with the skeletal system, particularly the spine.
  • Benefits on the emotional level - Peach Selenite resonates with pure, unconditional love and can help us to release old emotional traumas. When we want to awaken self-esteem, Peach Selenite is one of the best stones we can have.
  • Benefits on the mental level - Selenite enhances discernment, helping us to properly analyze situations, not only on the surface, but also on deeper levels. Peach Selenite is good at clearing mental blockages and helping us to focus.
  • Benefits on the spiritual level - Selenite can be used every time we want to connect with our Highest Self, our spirit guides or guardian angels.

How to Use Peach Selenite

When you visit our Carlsbad based shop or check out our webshop, you will find a wide selection of Selenite products. We will assist you gladly and help you to select the best products for your needs. Peach Selenite is a water-soluble delicate stone that should be handled with utmost care. Store it in a soft fabric bag to prevent scratching and clean it using a soft cloth. Avoid submerging or rinsing it in water. Exposure to direct prolonged sunlight can cause loss of luster.

  • You can use it to cleanse and balance your Sacral Chakra
  • Cleanse your home or offices energy field with Selenite towers, wands or spheres
  • Strengthen your positive intentions and affirmations by working with Selenite
  • Place your crystals on a Selenite plate, bowl or slice to cleanse and recharge them