Best Palm Stones For Anxiety

One of the most common questions we get at the Village Rock Shop is about crystals for anxiety and stress relief. Various situations: a job interview, a new job, a difficult task, exams, financial problems, health issues can cause anxiety attacks. When anxiety becomes part of our everyday lives, it's important to deal with it and one of the simplest ways for that is to work with crystals.

Using palm stones with calming properties can be an amazing way to ease negative feelings, especially when used alongside meditation and relaxation techniques.

Crystal towers, spheres, clusters have powerful balancing effects, however, when we want to carry our favorite crystal with us, the best is to purchase palm stones. The calming crystals with a beautiful oval shape are a must for anyone with a hectic lifestyle.

Some of the best palm stones for anxiety you can find at the Village Rock Shop:

Amethyst Palm Stones

Amethyst can be helpful on those days when we feel overwhelmed and under pressure and it seems that nothing is going well. This beautiful purple crystal dispels negativity while simultaneously attracts positive energies.

Amethyst is known as one of the best crystals for stress relief and we can use it efficiently to ease anxiety and panic attacks. When you feel overwhelmed by worries, fear and anxiety hold your Amethyst palm stone in your hand, take deep breaths and focus your attention to feel the calming energy of the stone.

How to use the Amethyst palm stones:

  • hold them in your hands while meditating
  • place them in the areas you want to balance and heal
  • hold them in your hands or place them on the chakras during relaxation
  • place them under your pillow for a good night sleep

Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Rose Quartz with its beautiful light pink color is considered to be the stone of self-care, compassion, and self-love. Self-care is very important during tough times, and this gentle stone serves as a reminder for this.

Rose Crystal is also an efficient tool for emotional balancing and keeps us centered during stressful times. When you feel stressed or worried take a short break to meditate or relax holding your Rose Quartz palm stone in your palm. The crystal's gentle energy will make you feel secure and regenerated.

How to use the Rose Quartz palm stones:

  • use it for meditations and relaxation
  • carry with you in your pocket or purse to help you stay calm and centered
  • placed on the heart chakra it can be used for emotional healing
  • placed under your pillow attracts the energies of tranquility

Clear Quartz Palm Stones

The master healer crystal can be a brilliant tool that helps us find the inner sense of calm we need so much in times of distress.

Clear Quartz helps us to stay centered on each emotional and mental level, so it can efficiently help us regain and maintain our inner peace in stressful situations. It is recommended to have a Clear Quartz palm stone with you when you have exams at school or an important presentation at work.

At the Village Rock Shop you'll find beautiful Clear Quartz palm stones to use:

  • for emotional and mental balancing
  • for chakra and aura cleansing
  • during relaxation techniques
  • during meditation or visualization techniques
  • to help you with mental focus during exams or difficult tasks

Black Tourmaline Palm Stones

Black Tourmaline is one of the best protective stones against any kind of negative influence. It is also one of the best stones to protect from dangerous electromagnetic radiation. It is also useful during tensioned situations because of its balancing nature, helping you to regain your emotional and mental balance and stability.

Carry Black Tourmaline palm stones in your purse or pocket as a reminder to release tensions.

How to use the Black Tourmaline palm stones:

  • place it near your laptop, tablet or phone to protect you from harmful EMFs
  • place it under your pillow to benefit from its regenerating energies while you sleep
  • carry with you to enjoy its unique energy all day long

Palm Stones for Anxiety at the Village Rock Shop

You can find a wide variety of palm stones at the Village Rock Shop.

Take your time in selecting the best stones, letting your intuition guide you.

If you have no experience with crystals, we will gladly assist you in finding the best crystals for anxiety. Along with other efficient coping mechanisms, crystals can be a great addition to deal with anxiety and panic attacks.