The Most Common FAQs About Selenite

Selenite has a very high vibration and strong healing properties. It also has the extraordinary ability to completely remove negative energy from your body, your home, and your belongings.

It strongly connects with Greek mythology, as it is associated with Selene, the Goddess of the Moon. However, Selenite should not be mistaken for moonstone, which is a different crystal.

If you are interested in purchasing Selenite, you may be wondering about its key aspects, such as:

  • the price of this crystal,
  • how to tell the difference between fake and real,
  • whether it actually works, and
  • how to cleanse it.

How Much Does Selenite Cost?

The price of Selenite ranges greatly depending on factors such as the size and the shape of the crystal.

In general, if you find a place where the price of Selenite is too good to be true, it most likely is, as the crystals are usually fake. Some shops price fake Selenite very highly on the flip side, which is another red flag you should be aware of.

It is worthy of note that the largest Selenite product in our shop is the Large Selenite Bowl, so you should not be surprised if you find other Selenite products with a higher price, as they are typically greater in size or have complex carvings.

To ensure you make a good decision about your Selenite purchase, we recommend you read this article in its entirety, as it offers crucial information about this amazing crystal.

Does Using Selenite Really Work?

Yes, using Selenite for protection, healing, meditation, better sleep, and the numerous other extraordinary benefits truly works if you know how to handle it properly. There are 3 steps you need to follow after purchasing Selenite, namely

  • cleansing,
  • charging, and
  • activation.

To cleanse Selenite, you can smudge it with sage, place it in a bowl of dry salt, or leave it in the moonlight overnight. Charging your crystal involves using a crystal charging plate or placing it under the sunlight/moonlight.

As for activating Selenite, this can be achieved by holding it in your hand, imagining a white light surrounding it, and repeating the affirmation related to what benefit of Selenite you want to receive. Following these 3 important steps, you can use Selenite as desired, such as placing a Selenite Flat Moon under your pillow or bed to promote better sleep, help with insomnia, or eliminate nightmares.

How Do You Cleanse Selenite?

As previously mentioned, Selenite must be cleansed before you use it, as it may carry negative energy due to the places where it was stored or the people who touched it. It is important to know that you should never leave this crystal in water for more than a few seconds, as it can easily disintegrate because it has a low hardness of 2 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.

Saltwater is even more damaging to Selenite since salt will act as a corrosive and very abrasive agent. Therefore, the safest ways in which you can cleanse Selenite are the following:

  • passing the crystal through the smoke of a burning sage bundle
  • placing Selenite in a jar filled with dry salt
  • using sound from a singing bowl or bell
  • leaving your stone in the sunlight for no more than 30 minutes
  • placing Selenite in the moonlight overnight

How Do You Charge Selenite?

Charging Selenite is the second step you must follow after cleansing it to make sure your crystal has maximum power before using it. You may have heard that crystals with very high vibrations such as Selenite do not need to be cleansed or charged, but this is a myth, and it is also hazardous, as using the stone as you bought it may actually cause you more harm than good.

The idea of charging a crystal refers to enhancing the stone's power by using a natural element such as sunlight or water. Since all crystals come from nature, it is only intuitive that you need to use nature to restore their strength.Here are some easy ways you can charge your Selenite:

  • placing it in a previously cleansed and charged Selenite bowl
  • leaving your crystal in the drain or putting it in rainwater
  • placing Selenite in the moonlight when there is a Full Moon
  • leaving your stone in the sunlight for less than 30 minutes

How Do You Activate Selenite?

The last step of preparing your Selenite for use is activation. During this phase, you program your crystal to do what you wish for. You can activate Selenite by using the method explained in answer to the question "Does selenite really work?", but also in other ways such a lending it some of your own energy by:

  • speaking to it,
  • singing to it,
  • or sending it some of your life force energy through your breath.

Another way of activating it is by using other powerful crystals, such as kyanite, apophyllite, or another piece of Selenite that has already been cleansed, charged, and activated. If you want to use this activation method, all you have to do is surround your piece of Selenite with those crystals.

Lastly, if you intend to work with Selenite outdoors, it is good to activate it by using natural elements.

How Do You Use Selenite?

Because it has plenty of astounding properties and very high vibration, Selenite can be used for numerous purposes. It is a great crystal to have in your home, as it offers strong protection against external negative energy.

It is recommended to place a Selenite Tower in your living room, which can absorb obstructive energy, as it represents light, purity, and connection to the higher realms.

If you want to benefit from its protection at all times, you can wear a Selenite Bracelet, which will elevate your spirit, provide you with mental clarity, and enhance your intuition. Other ways in which you can use Selenite include:

  • meditating while holding a piece of Selenite
  • placing it over your crown chakra
  • using it to cleanse other crystals
  • placing Selenite near the front door of your home

How Do You Clean Selenite?

If you work with Selenite regularly you may wonder what the best and safest way to clean the crystal is, as by now, you know that it is a very fragile stone. It would be best if you start by

  • gently washing it with warm water for a few seconds,
  • using a soft brush to clean the surface of the crystal.

Never use metal brushes on Selenite, as the crystal is very prone to scratching as it has a very low hardness. By using this method, you will successfully remove dirt and oil that have accumulated on the stone.

When foreign materials have become stuck in your crystal, you should use a wedge-shaped piece of wood or bamboo to remove them. It is important to know that white Selenite may turn yellow over time, but you can avoid or delay this process by keeping your crystal in a clean pouch, apart from other stones that may cause dents or scratches to it.

How Can I Tell If Selenite Is Real or Fake?

Telling the difference between real and fake Selenite is quite easy, as a simple scratch test will usually answer your question. This involves scratching the piece of Selenite with your fingernail and, if you notice some damage, it means that the crystal is real, as Selenite has a very low hardness and is thereby prone to scratches.

Another way you can use to differentiate between real and fake Selenite is the temperature of the crystal. If the stone feels cold to the touch, it is most likely fake. Furthermore, if it feels warm but cannot scratch it with your fingernail, it is also fake.

It is noteworthy that fake Selenite generally looks too perfect. It will be even and completely transparent and will not have any fractures or impurities, which real Selenite does. Finally, fake Selenite will have very saturated colors of the crystal body and saturated red, purple, and blue and telltale signs of fake Selenite.

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