Moldavite Vs. Tektite

You may find this title unusual since it's known that Moldavite is actually a Tektite.

Tektite is used as a general term and refers to rocks that are a combination of meteoric matter and minerals from the area where it crashed.

Tektites are found in geographically restricted areas called strewn fields associated with an asteroid or comet impact on the Earth.

The term Tektite is also used for Black Tektites, which are not as rare as Moldavite.

The main issue for scientists is to determine when, where, and how these mysterious rocks originated. The ages of Tektites can be determined using radiometric dating methods.

Tektites can be found only in a few locations around the world:

  • Australites - mostly black tektites found in Australia
  • Indochinites - mostly black tektites found in South East Asia
  • Philippinites - black tektites, found in the Philippines
  • Moldavite - dark green tektites found in Czechia
  • Ivorites - black tektites found in Ivory Coast

So both Moldavite and Black Tektite have similar origins; let's see what differentiates them.

Moldavite - Properties and Benefits

Moldavite is a rare tektite found only in Czechia. It is a stone of high-vibrational energy and intense frequency. The color of this stone ranges from dark-green, bottle-green to brown-green. It is a highly valued stone due to its unusual origin - according to scientists it was formed from condensed rock vapors after a large meteorite impact.

There are also theories about Moldavite's extraterrestrial origin, the stone often being named as "the only known extraterrestrial stone on the Planet" or "the gemstone from the stars". Moldavite is composed of silicon dioxide and aluminum oxide, it has no crystal structure and presents a hardness of 5.5 on the Mohs scale. It was considered a mystical stone since ancient times, and it is one of the best stones for psychic protection against negative entities and influences. Because of its high-vibrational energy, Moldavite can be used as a powerful tool for healing.

Moldavite has unique metaphysical properties, it will:

  • attract synchronicities into your life
  • aid in spiritual awakening
  • assist you with your spiritual transformation
  • help you to perceive messages from the spiritual realms
  • work as a powerful catalyst for rapid transformations in your relationships
  • aid to release old mental patterns
  • purify the Heart chakra
  • help to awaken clairvoyance
  • connect you with your spirit guides
  • aid in awakening the Kundalini

What to expect when you get in contact with Moldavite for the first time

The stone has powerful energy with intense vibrations that energize the auric field and often cause various reactions such as a tingling in the hand, vibrations in the area of the heart chakra, dizziness, an intense heat flush on the face or in the whole body. The reaction is so common in people who get in contact for the first time with this stone that it's, called "the Moldavite flush". Once your energetic structure adapts to the stone's energy, you won't be affected as much.

How to use Moldavite

  • place it on your body
  • hold a piece in your hand during meditation
  • wear Moldavite jewelry
  • display it on your altar

When you'll hold a piece of Moldavite for the first time, and experience the intense vibration that this stone radiates, you will understand why it is so popular.

Black Tektite - Properties and Benefits

Black Tektites, often referred to as just Tektites, can be found on different strewn fields and are ideal stones to start if you're new to working with these special stones.

Black Tektites are formed by the quick heating, and subsequent cooling process of quartz-rich soil and minerals, and each stone carries the energies of the location in which it was found. So if you are drawn to these mysterious stones, it's good to purchase Tektites that come from different strewn fields. Black Tektite's properties:

  • Color: glossy black
  • Chemical composition: 70%-98% silica; the other components vary because these stones are formed when a meteorite hits the ground and blends with the already present minerals
  • Size: ranges from microtektites to large, weighing up to 28 pounds
  • Hardness on the Mohs scale: 6 - 7

Black Tektite has many benefits, it will:

  • help to awake telepathy and clairvoyance
  • help to expand your consciousness during meditation
  • aid in integrating your spiritual experiences into your daily life
  • energize and cleanse the chakras
  • encourage positive emotional transformation
  • improve your social connections
  • help you learn from negative experiences
  • be an excellent tool for healing
  • align the energy flow through the meridians
  • remove any energetic blocks

Moldavite is a powerful stone, it's not recommended for frequent or everyday use, especially for sensitive persons. For those who feel the Moldavite's intense energy overwhelming, we recommend Black Tektites. These stones also have amazing metaphysical properties, but their energy is not as intense. Tektites are powerful, high-vibrational stones that can assist you on your spiritual journey.

How to use your Black Tektite:

  • Place a piece of stone under your pillow at night
  • Hold it in your hands while meditating
  • Keep it close to you to help you integrate spiritual information into your everyday life
  • Display on the area of your chakras to cleanse them - it works well, especially for the Root and Crown chakras
  • Cleanse the space in a room by placing Black Tektites in the center of the room

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