Meanings for Gemstone Bracelets

January 14th 2020

It might seem funny or peculiar to speak about a history of bracelets, but their creation and meaning behind them go way back. As far as 5000 B.C to be more exact. As fashion evolved, gemstones were added to jewelry, mainly as a form of beautification but also for the properties that they are believed to have on the human body and spirit.

Healing crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years.

Because our body is highly receptive to vibrations, gemstones coming in contact with our skin can transmit a flow of energy into our bodies that can help with daily physical and mental struggles such as anxiety, exhaustion, stress, and depression. During the 20th century, bracelets have become extremely popular, being mass-produced which made it more available to the public. Aristocrats chose to wear them embroidered with precious stones to display wealth. In some cultures, bracelets were worn as a talisman for protection against evil spirits.

History of Bracelets and Their Symbolism

Deriving from the Latin word "brachium" which means "arm", archaeologists have found evidence of their existence in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China. Around that time, most of them were made from shells, wood or bone and they were serving religious and spiritual interests. For example, the Scarab Bracelet is considered to be one of the symbols of ancient Egypt, representing rebirth and regeneration.

The ancient Greeks used to wear them on the upper and lower arm as decoration, and they were even introduced as part of the soldiers' uniform for protection purposes. Around 2000 B.C, artisans started to use various types of material to make jewelry, such as gold, silver and even carved them out of jade. In ancient Asian cultures, bracelets were carved to display elaborate patterns of nature, animals and mythical creatures.

Gemstone Bracelets Meanings

Stones used to make bracelets are not only beautiful but they also come with deeper meanings and strong healing abilities. Although there are many stones that can have beneficial effects on the human body and spirit, these are considered to be the strongest ones:

Amethyst for calm: it was traditionally worn as a talisman to drive away evil thoughts and inspire inner strength. If you are facing a stressful period, this is the perfect gemstone for you. It is said to induce tranquility and balance.

Rose Quartz for love: it's an excellent heart-healing stone that can help with emotional issues and bring comfort.

Amazonite for hope: it's also known as the stone of courage and truth. This bold colored stone is said to empower the search for one's self and move beyond the fear of judgment.

Labradorite for change: awakens one's intuition and self-confidence.

Jade for protection: in ancient Asian cultures, this stone was used to ward off evil spirits and injury. It encourages harmony, inspires wisdom, increases vitality and serenity.

Tourmaline for creativity: this stone helps to bring out one's creative side, attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.

Turquoise for purification: if you suffer from exhaustion and panic attacks, this beautifully colored stone can help. It is believed to bring luck, attract love and bring happiness.

Onyx for stability: it is the stone of inner strength and endurance. This is the perfect stone for someone who lacks a bit of discipline.

Aquamarine for courage: regarded as a symbol of youth, health, and hope, this stone is said to help one find its inner courage.