How to Recognize Genuine Selenite Products

Selenite is often confused with Satin Spar, despite the particularities that they each display, and in some cases, mistaken with quartz.

However, confusion between authentic crystals is not as harmful as between a real crystal and a fake item made from modified glass or plastic.

The increasing popularity of selenite is one of the main reasons that certain stores deceive customers by selling false crystals made from other materials.

Selenite isn't widely available and more expensive, so these so-called merchants resort to various unethical techniques to considerably reduce their costs.

Selenite is a delicate, translucent crystal that emanates protective and healing energies. It shows a distinctive moon-like glow that sellers might reproduce to some extent, but it can be troublesome to determine a product's authenticity, especially when purchasing gemstones online.

Easy Ways to Tell if Your Selenite Product Is Real

Distinguishing natural selenite from an imitation requires several basic steps that can help you avoid further inconveniences:

  • Perform a hardness test: despite its glassy appearance, selenite is a soft mineral, which can be easily scratched. If your fingernail or a sharp object can pierce through its surface, then it is most probably genuine. It is not very likely to get this result with glass, plastic, or even quartz.
  • Verify the temperature: selenite acts as a thermal insulator, so this means it should be warm when touched, as opposed to glass or other materials that feel colder to the touch. You can also heat a needle above the fire and slowly touch the item; if it melts, it is undoubtedly plastic.
  • Observe the stone: inspect the piece and check for any fractures and imperfections. Selenite should have some impurities or small ground particles that are indicators of the environment it developed in. A real crystal is imperfectly beautiful

Authentic Selenite Products at the Village Rock Shop

The safest way to purchase real crystals is from a dependable source that can back up the authenticity of their products through years of gemology expertise and a proven track record as an impeccable service provider.

At the Village Rock Shop, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction. You will find genuine selenite items in our Carlsbad shop, legitimately and reliably sourced from mines.