Everyday Crystal Routines

Ever wondered how to incorporate your favorite crystals into your everyday routine?

Besides just displaying crystals in your home or wearing them as jewelry, there are many ways to reap the benefits of these wonderful stones. Most of these beautiful crystals are incredibly versatile. In this blog, you'll find simple ways how to incorporate them into your daily program.

We all have our daily habits, those little rituals that we start the day with, that help us relax after a long day at work or that help us regenerate quickly and cope with challenging situations at work.

Crystals carry powerful energies that can support and nurture us, whenever we take a short break and tune to their vibrations. We rounded up a short list with everyday routines, but you can incorporate crystals into any of your daily activities.

Crystals for Your Morning Routine

Whether or not you're a morning person, you probably have a morning routine that helps you start the day. Incorporate your crystals into your morning routine; you'll be surprised at how many benefits these shiny rocks can bring:

Crystals for Your Evening Routine

With a hectic lifestyle, winding down in the evening is more important than people might think. We all have our small evening rituals before going to sleep, their purpose is to help us relax and crystals can work wonders if you keep them nearby.

Here are some of the ideas on how to use crystals for your evening routine:

  • make a short relaxation, placing Rose Quartz, Prehnite, or Selenite on your Heart chakra area for emotional balance and calming
  • perform a guided meditation holding Pink Amethyst or Lepidolite palm stones in your hand
  • give yourself a few moments of tranquility by drinking a cup of herbal tea with your favorite crystals in your lap
  • take a bath and create a spa-like ambiance with crystals and candles, water and crystals' have their ways of soothing the mind and calming emotions

Crystals for Your Daily Spiritual Rituals

You can integrate crystals with high vibrational energy in your daily spiritual routine, whatever that may be - yoga poses, meditation, mantras, or prayer. Many practitioners use crystal palm stones and mala beads to calm their minds and enter deep meditative states.

Small tumbled crystals or palm stones are easy to carry to your yoga class, for your meditation corner we would recommend large raw clusters or geodes that radiate powerful energy.

In our shop, you'll find a dazzling array of palm stones, tumbled stones, and mala beads to provide support on your spiritual journey, including:

Crystals for Workplace Rituals

Whenever you feel pressured by deadlines, overwhelmed by tasks, or stuck take a short break, close your eyes, focus your attention on your breathing to help you relax and be in the present moment. The next step is to empty your mind of thoughts and focus all your attention on your crystal, feel its vibration. It takes only a few minutes to recharge and continue your work with fresh energy and new ideas. You can also perform small manifestation rituals before important presentations, meetings, or new contracts.

We recommend the following crystals to have at your workspace, but also you can have any crystals you feel drawn to:

Crystals and Gemstones at the Village Rock Shop

Crystals emanate high-vibration energies and provide countless benefits for their users. When you visit Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad, California, you'll find a wide variety of crystals that can be harmoniously integrated into your daily routines.
We also invite you to visit our webshop and check out all the categories:

If you have no experience with crystals, we are here to answer all your questions and assist you in finding suitable stones for you.