Essential Oil Gemstone Bracelets

Essential oil gemstone bracelets are jewelry pieces made of gemstones and lava or clay beads that absorb the essential oils which diffuse naturally and scent your skin and clothes for hours. Wearing essential oil gemstone bracelets is a simple and stylish way to benefit from aromatherapy and gem therapy at the same time.

Essential oils are aromatic extracts from different parts of plants, including the seeds, peels, petals, leaves, and fruits with powerful healing and balancing properties. Our olfactory system is linked directly to the emotional part of our brain, this is the reason why a single drop of essential oil is enough to reinvigorate, relieve stress or calm the mind.

Essential oil gemstone bracelets are made of gemstones and lava stone or clay beads. Lava and clay beads are porous, they keep the essential oil within and you can enjoy its perfume and effects for a long time. Gemstones and essential oils can be used as completely natural healing aids, the wearer needs to understand the gemstones' and essential oils' significance to achieve the intended effects.

How to Use the Essential Oil Gemstone Bracelets?

It is quite simple. Wear them during the day or overnight, add a drop of essential oil to the lava beads. You can re-apply the oil when you can no longer smell its perfume.

How do you apply essential oil to your gemstone bracelet?

No matter which brand of essential oils you use with your gemstone bracelet, applying them is simple. Choose your favorite essential oil, add a drop to the porous material and rub gently to help the oil to absorb. Some oils tend to last a longer, sometimes the whole day, while others have to be refreshed after a few hours.

Essential Gemstone Bracelets for Anxiety

Combine gemstones that dispel stress, fear, and anxiety, like Amethyst, Blue Lace Agate, Howlite, Ocean Jasper, Lepidolite with pure essential oils with calming properties like Lavender, Geranium or Chamomile oils. The synergistic effects of these powerful gemstones and calming essential oils will bring calm, relaxation and peace of mind to the wearer. In stressful times an essential oil gemstone bracelet can be a great aid.

Essential Gemstone Bracelets for Self-Confidence

Combine powerful self-confidence, self-worth, and inner strength boosting stones like Citrine, Carnelian, and Red Jasper that can help in creating success in everything we do, with Citrus oils - Lemon, Orange, and Grapefruit oils - powerful mood boosters, awakening optimism, the joy of life, inner strength and self-confidence. Other oils that can be used for the same purpose are Ginger, Jasmine, and Rosemary oils. These oils are efficient self-esteem and self-confidence boosters, they won't turn you into someone full of self-confidence overnight, but they are an efficient aid when struggling with issues of self-worth and confidence.

Essential Oil Gemstone Bracelets for Self-care and Love

When we want to attract more love and compassion in our lives, we can efficiently combine gemstones like Jade, Malachite, or Rose Quartz, the stones of pure and unconditional love, with Rose oil. The wonderful fragrance of pure rose oil awakens feelings of love and self-care. Its calming aroma creates relaxation and a state of intimacy. Frankincense can be used also for essential oil gemstone bracelets. Its pure perfume brings us closer to our higher selves. It helps to quiet our minds and look at ourselves with compassion and understanding.

Essential Oil Gemstone Bracelets at the Village Rock Shop

At the Village Rock Shop, we have a wide variety of handmade essential oil gemstone bracelets. The gemstone and bead selection will vary, many jewelry pieces are unique or available in very limited quantities. The bracelets are made using a stretch cord to accommodate a wide range of sizes. When you pay us a visit we can help you choose the perfect gemstone bracelets and essential oils for your needs.