Double Terminated Crystals

Double terminated crystals have a single point at each end, formed naturally or being cut and polished. Double terminated crystals have their energy flowing both ways making them advantageous for healing and spiritual purposes.

These crystals are used to take energy in at one point, transmute it, and emanate it at the other point. This makes them excellent tools for energy healers and Reiki practitioners to cleanse, energize, and balance the chakras.

Double-terminated crystals are also excellent in crystal grids to allow energy transfers and maintain a high energy level for longer periods of time.

These crystals are considered to be excellent tools for many metaphysical applications, being able to send and receive energy.

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Double Terminated Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of pure unconditional love. The double terminated Rose Quartz crystals are used by energy healers to cleanse and balance the Heart Chakra. Double terminated Rose Quartz crystals are also used by crystal therapists to heal emotional traumas.

Double terminated Rose Quartz crystals are great tools for focusing the energy of pure love, removing blockages, and balancing the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz attracts love and harmony to existing relationships. It also encourages self-love, compassion, and inner peace. You do not have to be a crystal therapist to benefit from the Rose Quartz crystal's soothing energy.

  • You can use your double terminated Rose Quartz during meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Double Terminated Rose Quartz crystals can be also used efficiently in crystal grids for love

Double Terminated Amethyst Crystal

Double terminated Amethysts have two distinct terminations and no base and are considered excellent tools for metaphysical uses. Double terminated Amethysts are mainly used as:

  • meditation crystals
  • divination crystals
  • personal talismans
  • healing crystals

They are used in meditation to aid in the connection with spiritual realms serving as receivers and transmitters of high-frequency energies.

Used during meditation or other spiritual practices, the double terminated Amethysts can help to awake higher states of consciousness.

Energy healers use them to balance the third eye and the crown chakra. When used during relaxation, these powerful crystals can help to recover from a hard day and regenerate. These special crystals are excellent for stress relief.

Double Terminated Prasiolite

Prasiolite or green Amethyst is not as common and well-known as purple Amethyst, but it carries many of its qualities. The color of Prasiolite varies from yellow-green to leafy green. The crystal's name, Prasiolite, comes from the Greek words, "prison" meaning leek, and "lithos" meaning stones.

Purple Amethysts can naturally transform into green ones by the heat of lava flows within the earth. A similar process can be done artificially, by heating or irradiating the purple Amethysts. Having a piece of Prasiolite close to your body will bring many benefits. This beautiful green crystal can help to connect with nature and Mother Earth.

  • If you want to bring prosperity and luck into your life, place double-terminated Prasiolite in crystal grids for wealth and abundance
  • Prasiolite can help you to manifest your desires and fulfill new opportunities
  • It is used to cleanse and detoxify the physical body

Double Terminated Clear Quartz Crystal

Double-terminated Clear Quartz crystals are powerful tools used by energy healers to balance the chakras and the aura.

Clear Quartz, also known as the "Master Healer" is one of the most powerful crystals used to heal, cleanse and balance the whole being.

These crystals make great tools for focusing pure energy and removing energy blockages. The double-terminated Clear Quartz is one of the most powerful energy amplifiers because of its unique shape, it can absorb, store and release energy.

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