Stones and Crystals that Help with Back Pain

One of the significant health problems that result from a modern lifestyle is chronic back pain. Anyone who has experienced long-term back pain knows how debilitating it can be, impacting all areas of life, including; social, financial, and vocational.

When you use crystals for back pain, they can help during the healing process, amplifying other therapies' effects, helping in pain relief, or aid in the treatments of your back pain's underlying causes.

If you already know the root cause of your lower back pain, choose crystals that will help to solve that. People from all over the world, including therapists, energy healers, Reiki practitioners, and even athletes, are using crystals every day to improve their health and overall wellbeing.

The following crystals can help to unwind your tensed knots, relax your back muscles and make you feel calm and grounded.


Hematite can be beneficial for lower and upper back pain and it is an ideal stone for people in pain after back surgeries. The stone has powerful balancing and grounding properties.

How to use Hematite to help with your back pain?

Crystals, like Hematite that energize and balance the Root and Sacral chakras, can be beneficial in regenerating the tensed areas of your lower back.

Sit in a comfortable pose, hold your tumbled Hematite in your hand, and repeat your healing affirmation. Relax and focus your attention to get tuned to the stone's vibe, then place it on your back on the painful area. Hematite products at the Village Rock Shop:


Fluorite can amplify the effects of alternative therapies; such as Reiki, massage, energy healing, chakra cleansing, performed to alleviate lower and upper back pain.

How to use Fluorite to ease your back pain?

Gently massaging the painful area with Fluorite spheres can be really effective.

You can also tape a small tumbled Fluorite at the tensed area and keep it there throughout the day. It will help to relax and regenerate the area of your back where you feel tense or in pain.

Fluorite products at the Village Rock Shop:


Malachite is often used as an efficient pain relief tool in arthritis. The stone with a fascinating green color brings relief to joints faster than most crystals.

How to use Malachite to alleviate your back pain? You can tape a Malachite slab at the tensed area and keep it there throughout your day.

Another method is to take your Malachite in your hand, repeat your healing intention, and visualize that your pain has gone and you are healed.

Place the stone on the painful area, take deep breaths and relax, while Malachite infuses your being with soothing, calming energy.

Malachite products at the Village Rock Shop:

Smoky Quartz

For those who work several hours per day in a sitting posture, back pain is inevitable.

Smokey Quartz brings an energy that can relax a stiff back, muscle cramps, tensions, and aid in adequate back pain treatments.

How to work with Smoky Quartz to help with back pain?

Hold your Smoky Quartz in your hands, repeat your healing affirmation, focus your attention to get tuned to the crystal's vibe, and then place it on the tensed area or gently massage it.

Smoky Quartz crystals at the Village Rock Shop:


Sunstone eases lower back pain by cleansing the Sacral chakra from stagnant energies.

Cleanse and program the stone with your healing intention, then place it on your body during back pain to release the tension blocked in your lower back.

Sunstone wands may effectively be used in combination with alternative therapies such as massage or Reiki.

Massaging your back with a Sunstone wand will help you release tensions and alleviate pain.

Sunstone products at the Village Rock Shop:


If you're suffering from a stiff back, you might want to work with Carnelian. It's one of the best stones for lower back pain that can bring the relief you've been looking for. The energy that Carnelian naturally radiates can be tapped into when you use it in your daily practice.

How to use Carnelian to help with your lower back pain?

Place tumbled Carnelian on your Sacral chakra area. Place Carnelian palm stones on your back's tensioned area and leave them there for about 20- 30 minutes. Carnelian at the Village Rock Shop:

Crystals that Can Help with Back Pain at the Village Rock Shop

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