Best Crystals to Increase Energy

When even mundane activities require an effort and things feel off, we have low energy levels. Having the necessary energy levels restored is essential to our well-being. This is where crystals and stones come into play.

Balance leads to well-being when the chakras are aligned. Stagnant energy flows upward through the seven chakras once the natural flow is established again with crystals and stones.

Techniques with crystals to increase our energy:

  • holding them in our hands rebalances our mind, body, and soul
  • wearing crystals as jewelry or amulets gives continuous high vibration
  • having crystals in our living space ensures elevated levels of vibration
  • meditating or praying with them increases the intensity level
  • placing crystals on our body while relaxing deepens their effect on our aura

Turquoise Gives You an Energy Boost When You Are Exhausted

Turquoise crystals are believed to be an energetic bridge between heaven and earth. They work and help on multiple levels and are used for healing and well-being for the body, protection against negative energy, balance all the chakras. Turquoise brings inner calm and stabilizes mood swings, aids tissue regeneration and alleviates pain.

You can wear them as bracelets to benefit from their energy.

Turquoise properties include:

  • dispels negative energy
  • protects against outside influences
  • helps in depression and exhaustion
  • promotes self-realization
  • enhances the immune system
  • helps in releasing bad habits

Rose Quartz Energizes the Heart Chakra

Rose Quartz is the healing stone of the Heart Chakra, works and helps to open this chakra. Rose Quartz can be used for infusing the aura with the energies of love: unconditional love, romantic, and self-love.

You can wear your Rose Quartz bracelets to benefit from the crystal's soothing, nurturing energy around you.

Benefits of Rose Quartz:

  • encourages us to forgive others and ourselves
  • facilitates finding our way to self-love
  • promotes the feeling of unconditional love
  • deepens motherly love
  • helps to care with kindness
  • helps in bonding friendships
  • balances the emotional levels

Clear Quartz to Amplify Your Energy

Clear Quartz is one of the most popular stones and a great stone to start with if you're a beginner in crystal healing. Clear Quartz is a powerful healing and energy amplifier, so keeping a Clear Quartz tower near is an efficient way to keep yourself energized.

Clear Quartz is excellent for unblocking energy, it absorbs, stores, releases energy, brings the body into balance, helps its natural healing process.

Some of the benefits of Clear Quartz:

  • balances the body
  • clears the mind
  • brings harmony
  • provides energy and healing
  • enhances psychic abilities
  • facilitates calmness and clarity

Citrine Can Energize Your Solar Plexus

Citrine is a beautiful manifestation stone, encourages us to dream big. Citrine helps manifest abundance, wealth, prosperity and encourages a positive attitude. Citrine is a crystal with powerful regenerating, energizing properties.

Keeping Citrine nearby, or wearing it as a bracelet, having the crystals in your house, you attract success in all areas of your life.

Properties of Citrine:

  • brings light, happiness
  • reminds us to be mindful and appreciative
  • helps maintain a positive state of mind
  • encourages gratitude
  • brings joyful energy
  • balances the Solar Plexus
  • activates our intuition

Amethyst Energizes the Third Eye and the Throat Chakras

It is a highly spiritual stone, connects people to their intuition by helping to open the Third Eye Chakra. Amethyst can be used to infuse the aura with calming, peaceful energies.

Holding a palm stone or wearing jewelry of Amethyst confers healing energies, promotes anti-stress, and lowers anxiety. Amethyst blocks negative energy, enhances higher states of consciousness and meditation.

Benefits of Amethyst:

  • helps achieve mental clarity
  • brings inner peace
  • strengthens immune system
  • eases headaches and insomnia
  • promotes healing on multiple levels: body, mind and soul
  • enhances psychic abilities

Moonstone Carries Gentle Feminine Energies

It is believed to be closely tied to feminine lunar energy, our more intuitive and receptive side, to ancient wisdom. This particular stone is known as the stone of fertility, harmony, intuition, and spiritual purity.

Moonstone carries gentle energies that help to ease stress, fear, and anxiety. Keeping as tumbled stones by the bedside is believed to help to fall asleep.

Benefits of Moonstone:

  • promotes relaxation, helps achieve a state of happiness
  • brings good fortune
  • opens us to unselfishness
  • helps in having a spiritual insight
  • promotes the energy of new beginnings
  • provides inner growth and strength
  • soothes emotional instability

Best Crystals To Increase Energy at the Village Rock Shop

We hope you enjoyed learning about these wonderful crystals and stones. These are some of the best crystals to keep your energy levels elevated.

To get the most energy out of your crystals:

  • wear them as crystal accessories; pendants, crystal charms
  • attach a crystal charm to your keychain
  • place crystals near your windows and your bed
  • place raw crystals in your home or at your workplace

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