Best Crystals that Handle Emotions

Emotions have a significant role in our lives, and they can affect all areas of it when we can't control them. It's healthy to express our emotions, but how and when we do that really matters.

Crystals can help us whenever we feel overwhelmed by our emotions; these shiny stones are influential allies on our journey to develop emotional balance. They can help in healing emotional wounds, learning acceptance, resilience, and can inspire us to realize that our emotions carry valuable lessons.

With the crystals' cleansing and balancing benefits, crystal therapy is an excellent way to achieve emotional balance and perfect control over emotions.

If you're new to the crystal world, you may wonder what makes them efficient tools during emotional healing. Crystal therapists believe that these beautiful stones act as batteries that absorb, store and radiate energy that vibrates on various frequencies.

Blue Calcite to Calm Intense Emotions

Blue Calcite promotes emotional balance; it has a gentle energy that soothes the nerves, calms emotions, and promotes mental clarity. Crystal therapists use it to help relieve stress and reduce anxiety.

This beautiful blue mineral will assist you in exploring your subconscious emotions without becoming overwhelmed and learning to control those that come to the surface rather than sweeping them under the rug.

Whenever you feel emotionally unbalanced, anxious, or depressed, Blue Calcite is your go-to stone; it will assist you on your journey to face and handle your most intense emotions.

Blue Calcite products are available at the Village Rock Shop:

Amethyst Is the Ultimate Stress Reliever Crystal

Amethyst, the ultimate stress reliever in the crystal world, can assist you in being more centered by learning to balance the emotional highs and lows.

This beautiful crystal with soft purple hues can be beneficial when dealing with anger, resentment, frustration, fear, anxiety, sadness, or grief.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by profound sadness or intense emotions like rage, connect to this crystal's peaceful energy.

How to use your Amethyst:

Moonstone to Help with Emotional Instability

The moon symbolizes emotions and the subconscious mind in many cultures. Many mental health professionals believe that the moon's phases can affect our feelings. As its name suggests, Moonstone strongly resonates with the moon; therefore, it is one of the best stones when dealing with emotions.

It is an excellent stone for emotional instability because its energy helps with balancing feelings and enhances emotional intelligence.

Moonstone can draw out emotional patterns; as we understand these patterns, we gain control over them. It also inspires acceptance and eases emotional pains.

How to harness the stone's energy:

Obsidian for Grounding and Emotional Control

Whenever your emotions sweep you away, work with Obsidian. This robust black stone will keep you grounded; it can be a great tool for energy healing sessions, helping to clear emotional blockages.

If you want to get better at handling your emotions, begin by accepting them rather than reacting in extreme ways. Obsidian emanates a powerful energy that promotes a better understanding of our emotional patterns.

How to use Obsidian for emotional healing:

  • Place tumbled Obsidian on your body on the Heart Chakra and Third eye area for a balance between your mind and emotions
  • Wear Obsidian jewelry daily; a beautiful Obsidian bracelet can complement even the most elegant outfit
  • Keep Obsidian towers or spheres near you to harness the stone's energy.

Agate for Grounding and Emotional Stability

There are various types of colorful Agate stones, and all of them come with stamina and courage. Agate brings grounding and protection during the process of emotional healing. Call on these stones and keep them nearby whenever you experience emotional instability and connect with their earthly stabilizing vibe to gain control over your emotional ups and downs.

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Smithsonite for Emotional Regeneration

Energetically Smithsonite is a gentle stone that soothes emotions, encourages self-awareness and inner reflection during challenging situations. Crystal workers use Smithsonite to help them relax and enter a tranquil state of mind, because the stone emanates calming energies.

These soothing energies can nourish and rejuvenate you emotionally, calm rage and resentment, and ease panic attacks.

How to use your Smithsonite:

  • Smithsonite is considered too soft for most jewelry pieces. Therefore, it is recommended to work with raw stones.
  • We recommend using raw Smithsonite pieces and displaying them in your bedroom or meditation corner.
  • You can also hold smaller raw Smithsonite pieces in your hands during relaxation or meditation techniques.

Genuine Crystals at the Village Rock Shop

Natural crystals are an exceptional tool on your road toward spiritual healing and balancing. These beautiful stones absorb, store and radiate energies that can help heal old wounds and learn acceptance and resilience. Whenever strong emotions feel overwhelming, crystals can help you achieve emotional balance.

Whether you're only beginning or have been using crystals regularly, Village Rock Shop offers an extensive range of stones that will assist you in attaining emotional balance and peace of mind.

Every mineral has different properties and benefits. We invite you to visit our store in Carlsbad or give us a call; we will gladly assist you in choosing the stone best suited for your needs.