Crystals & Gemstones That Help Improve Memory

Our short-term and long-term memory is like a muscle: if we don't use it, it atrophies, when we exercise it works well. Memory enhancement has a long history, with methods that go back to ancient times.

However, we don't need to rely only on memory techniques to have an excellent memory. There are crystals out there that can help us have a sharp mind. Crystals can be excellent study aid in promoting mental clarity and improving our long-term memory.

Examples of how to use crystals to improve your memory:

  • Wearing crystal jewelry is a simple way to keep the energy of crystals flowing around you, preventing forgetfulness and enhancing memory.
  • Display crystals on your desk when working or studying.
  • Use crystals when you are meditating or practicing visualization techniques; place them on your forehead or hold them in your hands.

Clear Quartz to Prevent Age-Related Memory Loss

Clear Quartz can significantly help to improve our memory. If you struggle to keep the information or memorize things, this is your go-to crystal.

It enhances long-term memory, but you can also program it to prevent age-related memory impairment.

Clear Quartz activates the Third Eye and improves all mental abilities; mental clarity, focus, and concentration.

We recommend the following Clear Quartz products:

  • Clear Quartz spheres
  • Clear Quartz bracelet
  • Clear Quartz pendants
  • Clear Quartz tower generator

VRS tip: create a crystal grid to Improve memory and place a Clear Quartz sphere or tower in the center to increase the other crystals' effect.

Amethyst Helps with Stress-Related Memory Problems

Mental disorders such as depression, and anxiety can cause memory impairment. Amethyst activates the higher chakras, including the Third Eye, therefore stimulating our mental abilities.

It is also known as a natural stress reliever that promotes calmness and emotional balance, helping us to consolidate our memories. Amethyst can also allow us to remember our dreams more clearly. Work with Amethyst whenever you feel stressed and anxious before your exams.

We recommend the following products:

VRS tip: keep an Amethyst generator on your work desk to infuse and create a calm, stress-free environment for study.

Selenite Enhances Long-Term Memory

Selenite is a helpful aid in activating the Third Eye and the Crown Chakra. People use Selenite for spiritual practice and meditation to help them reach higher levels of consciousness.

It's beneficial to quiet an agitated mind. It clears confusion, restores mental clarity, and strengthens long-term memory.

This beautiful white crystal can efficiently aid when you are studying and want to be sure your memory is the best it can be. Selenite products to help you improve your memory:

  • Selenite palm stones
  • Selenite tower
  • Selenite skyscraper
  • Selenite wand

VRS tip: Selenite soothes and calms, bringing a sense of peace and relaxation; keep it nearby during your exams.

Lapis Lazuli Improves All Forms of Memory

Lapis Lazuli activates the Third Eye, improving all of our mental abilities. This beautiful blue stone enhances all forms of memory, and it's a powerful crystal ally during exams.

Excellent memory, mental clarity, focus, and concentration are what you need at exam time, and you can improve all that by using Lapis Lazuli. The longer you keep it close to you, the better, display this beautiful stone on your bedside, use it in meditation, or wear it as jewelry.

VRS tip: concentration techniques help preserve an aging brain; hold Lapis Lazuli palm stone in your hands during your practice.

Our most popular Lapis Lazuli products:

  • Lapis Lazuli towers
  • Lapis Lazuli palm stones
  • Tumbled Lapis Lazuli

Hematite Improves Short-Term Memory

Hematite is a perfect stone for improving both short and long-term memory. When you get easily distracted during work or study, your memory may suffer, therefore you need a crystal that helps you stay grounded and focused on your task.

Hematite is a powerful grounding stone, helping you stay in the present moment and preventing absent-mindedness and confusion.

Recommended Hematite products:

  • Hematite bracelets
  • Tumbled Hematite
  • Hematite spheres

VRS Tip: wear Hematite jewelry to enhance your memory formation and recall, or carry small tumbled Hematite in your pocket or purse throughout your day, to keep you grounded and focused.

Sodalite Helps Public Speakers

Sodalite is the perfect stone for public speakers but also improves listening skills. It can also help to calm an agitated mind, stimulate intelligence and improve your long-term memory.

Sodalite eases keeping information and makes it easy to recite from memory. Therefore, it is your must-have stone if you are a public speaker or a performer. If you're concerned about memory loss as you get older, this crystal will help you keep your mind sharp and access memories more easily.

Sodalite products we recommend to help you enhance your memory:

  • Sodalite towers
  • Sodalite bracelets
  • Tumbled Sodalite
  • Sodalite hearts

VRS Tip: wear Sodalite jewelry or keep small tumbled stones in your pocket whenever you need to perform or speak in public.

Best Crystals to Improve Your Memory at the Village Rock Shop

Mental abilities can be enhanced by using specific crystals which resonate with such energies.

The more you work with crystals, the more you will absorb the powerful energy of your chosen stones.

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