Top 5 Crystals for Sleep and Relaxation

Although it can have several causes, one of the main causes of sleeping problems is stress. Luckily we have several methods that can help us to relax and have better sleep.

People facing stressful times and suffering from insomnia are looking for alternative methods and relaxation techniques. Few people know that crystals can efficiently aid people struggling with stress and insomnia.

When you choose crystals and stones for stress and better sleep you should take into consideration their benefits. Energy healers consider that crystals and stones for relaxation and sleep problems are the most efficient:

1. Celestite

This beautiful light blue stone has a soft, gentle energy that dissipates all your worries. This magnificent stone has an angelic resonance. Placed in the bedroom can create a clean tranquil environment. It calms the mind and uplifts the spirit, it is considered by many the stone of peace.

Celestite at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it:

This beautiful light blue stone will look amazing placed int the bedroom where will emanate a light, peaceful energy. Raw and tumbled Celestite can be used for relaxation and breathing techniques, for meditations and energy healing sessions.

2. Prehnite

This gentle stone is an efficient aid for restless, nervous people. Its peaceful energy calms the heart and the mind.

Prehnite brings peace in any environment. It is a must-have stone for hyperactive adults and children.

Prehnite at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it:

Prehnite is a beautiful light green stone ideal for refined jewelry pieces. It can be used during relaxation techniques or meditation. The simplest way to benefit from its calming properties is to place it in the bedroom.

3. Moonstone

This is another gentle, soft stone for those who are struggling with sleeping problems. Due to its comforting, protective properties, it can be helpful for stressed, nervous people who do not know how to relax.

Moonstone at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it:

Moonstone jewelry pieces are simply amazing. A Moonstone ring or pendant can be the perfect choice even for the most sophisticated outfits. It is also a simple way to benefit from its calming properties for a longer period. Moonstone can be used for meditation and relaxation techniques with success due to its peaceful energy.

4. Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is an excellent gemstone choice for deep relaxation and a night of peaceful sleep.

Its gentle, and soft energy is genuinely helpful for all those who are struggling with nightmares. It is a great gemstone for hyperactive, restless children.

Chrysoprase at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it:

Wear it as a jewelry piece, place it in your bedroom, under your pillow, or near your bed. You can also use it for meditation, it can induce a deep meditative state.

5. Red Jasper

Known as a powerful grounding stone, Red Jasper keeps our energies balanced when we sleep. It is a stone with remarkable protective, soothing, balancing properties. Red Jasper is an excellent stone that can help in clearing and focusing the mind during prayer and meditation.

Red Jasper at the Village Rock Shop:

How to use it:

Red Jasper is one of the best stones for meditation and relaxation techniques. Hold Red Jasper in your hand while you meditate or wear Red Jasper jewelry. Place Red Jasper hearts, spheres, or statues in your bedroom to benefit from its protective energy.

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