Crystals for Separation Anxiety Disorder

Separation anxiety can not occur only in children or teens, it can also affect adults. It is considered a phase of development for children between the age of six months to three years. When the separation anxiety symptoms continue into late childhood or adulthood, indicate a separation anxiety disorder. Super-attached pets to their owners can also suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone.

Symptoms of separation anxiety disorder in children and adults are similar:

  • unfounded fears that loved ones will be abducted
  • unfounded fears that loved ones will be fatally injured
  • hesitancy or refusal to leave the proximity of loved ones
  • difficulty sleeping away from loved ones for fear that something terrible will happen to them
  • depression, extreme anxiety, and panic attacks
  • physical pain, headache, or diarrhea during the periods of anxiety

Rose Quartz to Heal Past Traumas

People struggling with separation anxiety disorder experience anxiety, fear, extreme sadness, or panic attacks, when their loved ones are out of reach. In parents, a separation anxiety disorder can lead to over-involved parenting, while in relationships to overbearing partners.

This beautiful light pink crystal attracts the energies of self-love and balance. It can help to heal past abuse and traumas. Rose Quartz crystal helps to forgive and let go, bringing a sense of compassion and gentleness. Can also be used to reduce stress, excessive worries, and anxiety.
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Amethyst To Reduce Stress and Anxiety

The exact cause of separation anxiety is still unknown. It is often occurring alongside other anxiety-related conditions, such as generalized anxiety disorder. This purple crystal has powerful healing and protective properties. It is an excellent calming stone for children that suffer from separation anxiety.

Amethyst is a very calming crystal and helps children to relax. Amethyst also helps to calm over-stressed adults that struggle with separation anxiety disorder.

How to use Amethyst to reduce stress and anxiety:

Clear Quartz to Bring Inner Strenght

Children with separation anxiety often experience extreme fear or anxiety about being away from their parents or caregivers. That can make a child less willing to take part in social events like going to summer camp, for example. Adults suffering from separation anxiety disorder experience anxiety about being away from children or spouses.

The crystal called the Master Healer can be used for many conditions of the physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional levels. Clear Quartz can be used to ease the symptoms of separation anxiety. It strengthens mental calm and clarity, improves self-worth, and self-confidence. Helps to achieve inner strength and balance.
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Citrine for Joy and Well-Being

The bright yellow Citrine is considered to be the stone of joy. Citrine, known as the "Happy Stone" brings a sense of happiness, joy of life, and overall well-being when it is used on a daily basis. It's a great crystal for anyone that needs a bit of a positive energy boost.

Separation anxiety disorder often develops after a loss of a loved one. Citrine is the perfect crystal for those who are going through periods of sorrow, grief, helping them to experience optimism and joy again.

How to use Citrine to enhance your well being:

Blue Sodalite to Calm Your Mind

Sodalite is a very calming crystal and is good for children and adults struggling with anxiety. Adults experiencing separation anxiety have an extreme fear that something terrible will happen to someone they love. Sodalite is often used to aid in healing separation anxiety disorders by releasing fears, and phobias. Energy healers often recommend Sodalite for restoring emotional and mental balance. The stone's soothing energy calms and clears the mind and promotes rational thinking. This beautiful deep blue stone restores self-trust and self-confidence.

Sodalite aids in enhancing the positive side of life, it allows self-acceptance and self-esteem.
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Carnelian to Release Sorrow

Separation anxiety disorder often develops following major life changes such as moving to college, break up or divorce. Separation anxiety can affect the quality of life, but it can be managed with treatment. If you suspect that you or someone you love is struggling with anxiety disorder seek help and talk to a medical professional. Crystals like Carnelian can also be helpful for people who struggle with anxiety, sadness, and depression. It is a powerful grounding stone, a Carnelian bracelet will bring stability and vitality to the wearer's life.

Carnelian boosts self-esteem and self-confidence. It helps adults that are lacking in motivation, optimism, and joy.
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Buy Crystals from The Village Rock Shop to Help With Your Separation Anxiety

There are several complications of untreated separation anxiety disorder, when you experience anxiety and unfounded extreme fear for a longer period, it is important to seek help from a specialist.

Untreated separation anxiety disorder complications include:

  • Development of specific phobias - fear of being far from family
  • Problems at work or school
  • Depression and general anxiety disorder
  • Alcohol, drug, or other substance misuse

Our carefully sourced crystals can be used during your healing process. We invite you to visit our shop and choose from our selection of beautiful crystals. We have high-quality crystals that may help you reduce or prevent the symptoms of your separation anxiety. If you can't find the product you are looking for in our web shop, call us first, and we will gladly help and assist you.