Crystals Recommended for Newborns and Babies

Everything around newborns is new and they need to adjust to each sound, touch, smell, sight, and taste. Crystals have the energy that helps a newborn smoothly adjust to the world. While any crystal could work fine, the best crystals to be kept in a baby nursery are those that can calm down the stimulating energies of the newborn's developing nervous system.

Crystals for babies are best in the form of polished stones, round spheres, and large clusters or geodes. Polished stones possess a more soothing and graceful kind of energy, clusters or geodes can be placed close to a window such that sunlight falls on its surface, whereas round spheres can just be placed at every corner of your baby's bed or underneath it so that the energy surrounds as they sleep.

You may also place a crystal in each corner of your baby's bedroom or in any room where she spends plenty of time.

Rose Quartz Forms a Strong Bond Between You and Your Baby

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. Its gentle and soothing energy makes it an excellent choice for babies. With its presence and warm energy, which feels like a loving cuddle, babies will feel secure while being away from their mothers.

Rose Quartz is also useful to babies who feel afraid of the dark and have trouble with sleep. Also, the crystal helps you develop a strong attachment with your little one. It is a good idea to place multiple large pieces of Rose Quartz in the baby's room, for instance on a table or shelf. Rose Quartz crystal can be placed near a window, where direct sunlight falls over the stone for some time. We have the following Rose Quartz products at the Village Rock Shop:

Pyrite Helps Your Child Feel Secure

Pyrite crystal has a shiny mirror-like appearance and is also known as fool's gold or stone of luck. This stone is good for babies to feel protected even when they are not with you or the caregiver. It is known to deflect negative energy from the place where it is placed, and it can even transform any negative energy into positive or loving energy which is very important during the early months of your baby's life.

This crystal promotes good physical as well as emotional well-being and is believed to help babies fight cold and flu. Pyrite works great if your baby has colic or wakes up frightened. Place a pyrite crystal near a light source such as a lamp or even sunlight from a window.

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Black Tourmaline Keeps Your Baby Safe From Negative Influences

Black Tourmaline, a powerful soothing stone is one of the popular baby crystals. This is a protective crystal as it can drive away negative energy. The stone helps alleviate the fear of the dark.

To create protective energy in the room where your baby sleeps or spends most of the time, a rough or tumbled black tourmaline stone can be safely placed in the corner of the room, out of the reach of your child. Alternatively, you may also place the stone under your baby's bed.

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Lepidolite Is a Crystal for Child Protection

Lepidolite, a purplish-blue gemstone can calm down your baby's mind and ward off negative influences.

As your baby can be vulnerable to the negative energies that may float around, keeping a Lepidolite stone along will be most helpful.

Lepidolite stone works best whenever your baby is asleep, and so, this crystal should be placed below your baby's bed.

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Blue Calcite Fades Away Restlessness in Babies

Blue Calcite is a bluish-white crystal that soothes crying babies. It makes your home a peaceful place. Babies are prone to be restless and feel uneasy most of the time.

A Blue Calcite crystal can calm your baby and channel various positive energies into your baby. It will fade away things that cause restlessness in your baby. This gemstone works best when kept in the room where your baby sleeps, and make sure you keep this in a place where your baby is unable to reach.

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Blue Lace Agate Is a Protective Crystal

Blue Lace Agate is a blue-colored gemstone that is good for child protection and stillness. As a new parent, you will be worried about how to protect your newborn from evil influences.

Blue Lace Agate crystal is an excellent solution for calming and protecting your baby. You will have to place a Blue Lace Agate stone near your baby every time but keep it out of the baby's sight.

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Carnelian Improves Health and Strength

Carnelian is a great stone that promotes vitality. A good stone to place in your baby's nursery during the first few months, as it ensures proper metabolism, blood flow, and oxygen supply to the brain.

Apart from this, Carnelian promotes a deep attachment or bonding between you and your bundle of joy, which is essential for the developing parent-child relationship.

The supportive energy from this unique crystal helps your baby grow into a confident human being.

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Quality Crystals for Newborns and Babies

When you want to purchase crystals and gemstones for a newborn or a baby, we invite you to visit Village Rock Shop in Carlsbad to select from a wide selection of crystals for your nursery. If you are new to the crystal world, we will gladly assist you to find the best ones for your baby's room. You can also browse our webshop to choose from our ethically sourced, high-quality crystals. We recommend tumbled and polished stones for newborn babies, as they emanate a more soft, soothing energy:

To keep your baby from putting crystals or gemstones in their mouth, display them on shelves or on the windowsill, out of reach, to avoid a choking hazard.