Crystals to Have In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is not only the place where you cook or eat, it's also the place where you socialize with your friends and family members. If you love to cook and try new recipes, it can be the place where you find inspiration for new exotic meals.

It is also the place where you express your love and care for your family by preparing and serving delicious meals. In the past few decades, crystals have become popular home decor elements, but there's more to these stones than just their beautiful appearance. Crystals look amazing in any space and your kitchen should not be an exception from that.

To help you select the best stones for your kitchen, we've rounded up a list of our recommended stones. Displayed on the window sill, kitchen table, on your refrigerator will add a touch of beauty and color to your kitchen.

We selected crystals that attract the energies of abundance, vitality, prosperity, but also some crystals with cleaning and protective properties.

Crystals to Enhance Vitality and Well-Being

It is important to keep your kitchen full of positive energy. Certain crystals have protective, grounding energy that resonates with the Earth element. Display these crystals to bring nourishment, stability, vitality, and grounding into your kitchen. These stones energize the first three chakras responsible for overall wellbeing.

The following stones work well in the kitchen because they boost creativity, increases vitality and overall well being:

  • Ammonite fossils placed in your kitchen it will help attract health, prosperity and abundance.
  • Raw Green Opal encourages healthy eating habits, cleanses and strengthens the physical body.
  • Green Aventurine is an energizing, revitalizing stone that carries the energy of life force. It brings joy and vitality.
  • Carnelian boosts vitality, increases creativity and helps in letting go of bad eating habits.

Crystals to Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen where you prepare and serve food so needs to be clean. When you want to have a completely pure place, it is not enough to clean it only physically.

There are many ways to clear a space energetically, and using crystals is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to do it. You can place salt, which has a crystalline structure in a bowl to absorb negative, stagnant energies, but there are crystals with a high vibrational energy that can cleanse any environment.

Here are some of the best crystals with cleaning properties:

  • Clear Quartz will keep the energy pure and clean in your kitchen.
  • Selenite will help you create a welcoming, peaceful ambiance in your kitchen.

Tips for your kitchen: you can keep your refrigerator clean and full of positive energy by placing a clear quartz crystal inside. Cleanse and charge the crystal with your intention before placing it into your fridge.

Crystals for Protection in Your Kitchen

One of the most popular uses of crystals and minerals is to create a shield of protection to ward off harmful energies and negative influences. The following stones are well known for their protective properties.

For your kitchen, we recommend these stones which will offer protection against negative influences and help you maintain a pure environment in the place where you cook and enjoy your meals:

  • Raw and tumbled Black Tourmaline placed on the window sill
  • Shungite spheres, cubes, towers, or pyramids displayed on the window sill or on shelves
  • Raw Shungite placed in the corners of the kitchen for protection against harmful EMF radiation
  • Black Onyx displayed on your kitchen table on a beautiful plate or bowl

Tips for your kitchen: display a mix of these black stones on a plate on your kitchen table to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

Create a Loving and Joyful Ambiance in Your Kitchen

There's no food that tastes more delicious than a meal made with love and joy. Display crystals in your kitchen to attract that loving, nurturing energy and help you cook with a joyful, creative attitude.

  • Display raw or tumbled Citrine on your table to fill your kitchen with happiness as your prepare your meal.
  • Apricot Agate is used for grounding, brings positive energy when dealing with challenging situations and helps in finding good solutions.
  • Jasper stimulates the imagination and helps to transform ideas into action. It will assist you to create new recipes and transform them into delicious meals.

Tips for your kitchen: fill one of your favorite bowls with a mix of colorful jasper cubes.

We invite you to visit our shop to find more beautiful crystals and minerals for your kitchen. We will gladly assist you to find the best stones for your needs.