Top 10 Crystals for Good/Bad Karma

According to all authentic spiritual traditions, each cause has its own effect and every effect that occurs in our life has its own cause that determined it. The universal law of cause and effect sets the events in our lives in motion. In some spiritual traditions, this is represented as a spinning wheel. Once the wheel starts spinning, it keeps spinning until a conscious effort stops the action.

Everything that happens, everything you experience, the people you meet, result from the karma of your past. You will meet circumstances that generate the same feelings, same actions, same thoughts until you stop or "burn" your karma.

You break the karma-ic bond when you consciously stop the cause. This is the only way to be released from the adverse effects.

The following high vibrational crystals can help you learn your life lessons, transform bad karma into a good one and eventually be able to control the wheel of karma and achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Forgiveness - Rhodochrosite and Chrysoprase

Forgiveness is the solution to release anger and resentment. Forgiveness is like a brake on the wheel of karma. Forgiving others is a choice you can make in every moment, and that conscious choice will release you from the karma-ic bond. Sometimes it is difficult to forgive others and let go of past traumas.

This is where crystals and other alternative methods come into play.

  • Rhodochrosite - is a powerful emotional release crystal. It awakens control over the emotions. The "Stone of the Compassionate Heart" can help you focus your energies of love to forgive others. Its nurturing energy brings compassion, peace, and emotional healing.
  • Chrysoprase - can help you release blocked emotions, transmute negative emotions into positive ones. Promotes a non-judgmental attitude, encourages forgiveness, stimulates acceptance of others.

How to use crystals to enhance your capacity to forgive: wear them as jewelry, carry them with you throughout your day as a reminder.

Pure Love Rose Quartz and Lapis Lazuli

You cannot love others without loving yourself as well. You will accept and love yourself when you learn to love and accept others. This will make you feel whole again. Love for yourself and for others will help you transform your negative karma into a good one.

  • Rose Quartz - whenever you feel to bring more love into your life, more love into your relationships, wear Rose Quartz jewelry and surround yourself with these beautiful light pink crystals.
  • Lapis Lazuli - helps you to learn to communicate with love and compassion. The "stone of wisdom" will infuse your aura with high-vibrational energy.

Bring love and light into your relationships, in your being with the help of these crystals to transform negative emotional patterns, that keep you stuck.

Wear these crystals as jewelry, or carry them in your pocket to remind you that love can heal and transform your negative karmic relationships.

Gratitude - Blue Apatite and Malachite

Another important lesson is to learn is to be grateful for everything that comes into your life. This way, what you previously considered bad or tragic becomes a valuable karmic lesson. Crystals can help you get tuned to the energies of gratefulness.

  • Blue Apatite - connects you to your past lives, helps you feel and manifest gratitude for all life lessons that come into your way.
  • Malachite - reminds you that you have come into this world to become co-creator with the Universe, it can be a powerful ally whenever you want to break negative patterns, let go of past fears. Keep this stone close to remind you to manifest gratitude for your life's lessons.

Studies show those who manifest gratitude experience more positive emotions, are healthier and happier than those who are not grateful for anything that comes into their lives. Surround yourself with these powerful crystals and carry them with you throughout your day to remind you of the power of gratitude.

Positivity - Pyrite and Sunstone

Your positivity will get you through even the toughest karmic lessons. Burning your karma is about cutting the karmic cord. In true positivity, instead of feeling helpless, you feel hopeful and optimistic.

Knowing that your present actions shape your future gives you a higher perspective. Letting go of old emotional patterns, past traumas, any aspect that does not help you anymore will release you from adverse effects.

  • Pyrite - resonates with the energies of empowerment, strengthens willpower and self-confidence. It helps you stay strong and maintain a positive attitude during the toughest karmic lessons.
  • Sunstone - attracts the energies of the Sun. It gives you vitality, strength, and optimism, all needed to help you maintain your positivity.

Both Pyrite and Sunstone are powerful and beautiful, the best way to benefit their properties is to wear them as jewelry.

Empathy - Green Chalcedony and Topaz

Genuine acceptance is accomplished in your own mind and heart. Through empathy, you can feel other persons' feelings making it easy to understand them better and accept them fully.

  • Topaz - is known as a stone of love, awakens empathy, and promotes openness and honesty in our relationships with others. It enhances our problem-solving skills.
  • Green Chalcedony - helps to transform negativity into positive energy, releases negative patterns, enhances empathy, It is known as a stone of love, promotes openness, fellowship and honesty, self-realization, and self-control. Encourages kindness, aids problem-solving helping you to create positive karma with your present actions.

Wearing crystal jewelry is the simplest way to infuse your aura with the pure energies of these stones. You can also display crystal towers, spheres, clusters, geodes, or tumbled crystals in your home to create a pure environment.

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The above-presented crystals and gemstones can help us understand essential karmic lessons so that we can "burn" our negative karma and become co-creators of our destinies.

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