Crystal Skulls at the Village Rock Shop

Since ancient cultures crystal skulls have been used for guidance, healing, and divination. They have incredible powers, as they are connected to ancient civilizations and their wisdom.

Carving crystals and stones into the shape of a human skull increases their power so that they can affect human consciousness and healing on all levels. Crystal skulls can be directed and programmed by desired intention and they serve various purposes.

At Village Rock Shop you can find various types of crystal skulls such as:

How to Use Crystal Skulls

You can use the crystal skull to do some automatic writing, dreamwork, work with elementals and elements, grid work, or healing. You can use the skull on its own or together with other crystals. When you work with your crystal skull, make sure you ground, center, and protect yourself.

Many people use crystal skulls to raise vibration and manifest intentions, but there are many other ways to benefit from their superpowers. Here are some of the properties of crystal skulls:

  • Speed up the healing process for distresses affecting the heart and mind
  • Activate one's psychic or healing gifts
  • Elevate one's higher consciousness
  • Boost the vibration and spirituality of a crystal grid
  • Aid in cleansing
  • Aid in spiritual growth

What Crystals Are Used to Carve Skulls and What Are Their Benefits

Crystal skulls can be colored or clear, incredibly detailed or crudely carved, and their size can range from just 2 inches to 15 inches in height.

The benefits you can achieve by working with a crystal skull depend on the crystal it is made of. Here are the most common crystals used to carve skulls and their benefits:

  • Clear quartz - can absorb, regulate, store and enhance energies.
  • Rose quartz - the stone of intimacy, affection, and romance, increases patience, forgiveness, and compassion.
  • Amethyst - provides you with insight and wisdom. It also opens communication with spirit guides.
  • Emerald - used for inspiration, peace, good health, and luck. It helps with depression and improves emotional, physical, and mental well-being.
  • Tiger eye - this stone is used to attract luck, wealth, courage, and confidence.

A Great Collection of Crystal Skulls at the Village Rock Shop

At our store, you can find a great variety of crystal skulls that you can use for various purposes. The crystal skulls that you can find in our shop are made from rare crystals and stones, cut and shaped with modern equipment. Our shelves are always full so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

We welcome you to our shop in Carlsbad or check our website and choose from the vast collection of crystal skulls that we can offer. We have the right crystal skull for everyone. We strive toward perfection, which is why we always want to meet our customers' needs by offering them a variety of options. That is why we update our stock on a weekly basis. Just visit us, and you will see for yourself.