Carved Human Crystal Skulls For Rituals

Since ancient times, numerous indigenous groups all over the world have had rituals that involved crystal skulls. They were used as symbols for transformation and transcendence, as well as receptacles for consciousness.

Crystal skulls were not used in ritual as idols or religious icons to be worshipped but as tools aimed at raising consciousness and accelerating spiritual growth at a personal, universal, and global level.

According to historical records, the Maya, Aztec, Mixtec, and Toltec civilizations used crystal skulls in rituals for various purposes:

  • to heal the inner and outer self
  • to store information and memories to be passed on
  • to access information from ancestors
  • to communicate with the stars and past generations
  • to develop psychic abilities

Crystal Skulls Used For Rituals In Modern Times

Even today crystal skulls are used in rituals for manifestation all over the world. Scrying or 'seeing' is one of the most common rituals using crystal skulls. It implies using a crystal skull to receive messages and intuitive guidance, and to get in touch with your own goals, dreams, and core needs.

But, this is just one of the many uses of crystal skulls in rituals. You can also place a photo, a word, intention, or affirmation under the crystal skull or, to make it more powerful, place it in the center of a circle surrounded by 12 crystal skulls. The crystal skull will amplify the energy of that affirmation or intention and act as a magnet, drawing that reality to you.

Here are the easiest ways to use crystal skulls in rituals:

  • hold the skull in your hand while you meditate and focus on your intention
  • sit in a circle surrounded by 12 crystal skulls to raise your vibration
  • place the crystal skull on the area that needs attention and energy

How To Cleanse a Crystal Skull Before a Ritual

If you have just bought a crystal skull or if you have not used it in a long time, you have to cleanse it before performing a ritual. By cleansing the crystal skull, you will remove the stored energy that is no longer needed. Now you can encode it with a new intention and energy that suit your needs. Each crystal skull has its unique healing properties, but to be able to access and align with them, you have to eliminate the spiritual clutter.

There are several ways in which you can cleanse the crystal skull but be careful about the type of crystal it is made of.

  • burry it for 24 hours; the earth will draw out negativity
  • using running water, such as a stream, or a ball with salt water
  • expose the stone to sunlight or moonlight
  • smudge it with sageĀ or some palo santo
  • sound healing using a bell, a tuning fork, singing bowls, or chanting
  • using cleansing crystals such as quartz, amethyst geodes, or selenite

Crystal Skulls For Rituals at the Village Rock Shop

At our family-owned shop, we offer our customers a variety of crystal skulls:

If it is your first crystal skull, we strongly advise you to come to our shop. Just knowing the properties of the crystal that the skull is made of is not enough. You have to get in touch with it.

By holding the skull in your hand or close to your heart will usually offer you the signs and vibrational information regarding the suitability of the skull for you. We can help you with information and advice, but usually, the skull is the one that chooses its caretaker.