Using Large Crystal Skulls to Awaken Psychic Abilities

It is believed that the bigger the crystal skull is, the greater its powers are. A crystal skull opens a gateway to the soul, being a representation of the inner being. It is a very powerful tool when it is used for self-discovery, and it can open pathways of personal growth and enlightenment.

For thousands of years, life-size crystal skulls have been used as guidance, for divination and healing. Large skulls are used to access visions of the past, present and future. They can emit energetic fields, psychic energy and even sounds. When using a large crystal skull to access psychic abilities you will be able to:

  • Provide energy and healing
  • Protect your aura
  • Control dark emotions
  • Protect your aura
  • Help develop your psychic abilities even more

How to Choose the Right Crystal Skull to Access Psychic Abilities

When you want to choose a crystal skull to access your hidden psychic abilities you should know that, in fact, it is the crystal skull the one that chooses you. Look at the crystal skulls, open your heart and your mind. The skull with try to communicate with you. You just have to trust your intuition.

What do you feel when you lay your eyes on the crystal skull? Do you feel attracted to it? Does it fill you with energy or joy? Does it try to communicate with you?

You can find large crystal skulls made from various types of rocks. We can offer you a great variety of large crystal skulls to access your psychic abilities:

How to Use a Crystal Skull to Awaken Psychic Abilities

A crystal skull is very powerful, that is why it is crucial to learn how to correctly handle it. You will not only be able to get in contact with wisdom and knowledge from lost civilizations but also connect with spiritual teachers and guides, ancestors, and ascended masters.

People who meditate using a crystal skull can derive knowledge and insight, being able to experience psychic visions and premonitions. There are a few steps to activate your psychic abilities using a large crystal skull:

  • Create the perfect space
  • Find the right meditation position
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Ask for the skull's protection
  • State your intentions
  • Activate your subconscious
  • Allow your mind to be free

Crystal Skulls at the Village Rock Shop

At the Village Rock Shop, you can find large crystal skulls up to 15 inches in high. They are made from various types of crystals, each with its own amazing powers to access psychic abilities. You can access our website or give us a call, but we strongly advise you to visit our shop in Carlsbad. This way, you can make contact with all the skulls we have and see which one 'talks' to you.

Crystal skulls can enhance your psychic powers if used the right way. We can help you with information and advice, but it has to be you the one who chooses the right large crystal skull. Besides this, we update our stocks on a weekly basis, that is why the number of crystal skulls you can find in our physical shop is greater than the one on the website.