Crystal Skulls and their Special Powers

For hundreds of years, anthropologists and scientists have been trying to figure out how crystal skulls work. Some people say that crystal skulls can be used just like crystal balls to access visions of the past, present, and future. But this is not the only extraordinary power that crystal skulls have. Crystal skulls are made of various precious stones that already have special powers. Each crystal skull is special in its own way, offering specific powers:

  • activate your healing or psychic gifts
  • boost the vibration and spirituality of a crystal grid
  • amplify your thoughts
  • absorb, enhance, store and regulate energies
  • open communication with spirit guides

There are many famous crystal skulls that still puzzle scientists with their mysterious powers. Among them, we can mention the 13 Mayan Skulls and the Mitchell-Hedges Skull.

The Thirteen Mayan Crystal Skulls

It is believed that the 13 crystal skulls have been crafted by the Maya civilization and kept inside a pyramid in a formation known as the Ark. Twelve skulls were placed in a circle, each representing a sacred planet, and the 13th skull placed in the middle, representing the collective consciousness of all worlds.

By placing the skulls this way, one could access the supernatural knowledge contained in them, promoting human enlightenment. It is believed that these skulls contain information that could further the evolution of humans and help the world survive a global catastrophe that is coming. The 13 crystal skulls held other supernatural powers such as:

  • healing powers
  • store all the ancient knowledge and pass it along
  • enhance psychic powers
  • provide access to premonitions and visions

The Mitchell-Hedges Skull

Some specialists say that the Mitchell-hedges Skull is, in fact, one of the 13 Mayan skulls. It was allegedly discovered by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, the adopted daughter of F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, a British adventurer and traveler. She says she found the skull in 1924, on her 17th birthday, under the altar of a ruined Mayan temple in Lubaantun, Belize.

After carefully examining the crystal skull, bio-crystallographer Frank Dorland said that it had the power of scrying or 'seeing.' Those who gazed into the skull's eye sockets could see the past, present, and future.

Until the day she died, at 100 years old, Anna strongly supported the crystal skull's special powers, among which she mentioned:

  • stimulate and amplify one's psychic abilities
  • aid in healing and even cure cancer
  • cause visions (such as a premonition about J. F. Kennedy's assassination)

Powerful Crystal Skulls at the Village Rock Shop

You do not have to own an ancient crystal skull to be able to access its special powers. Ancient crystals can transfer their knowledge to a skull that has been sculpted more recently. People who have used crystal skulls in meditation have reported clearer psychic visions and even premonitions.

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