Crystal Guided Meditation Techniques To Ground Yourself

Since the pandemic, most of us had felt out of place, anxious, depressed, or worthless when faced with a global crisis that had engulfed us before we knew what was going on.

Many good people have lost their jobs, their sense of security, and perhaps the confidence that they will make it work at the end of the day.

If you've been feeling this way, understand you are not alone, and it's the perfect time to reevaluate yourself, your life and take advantage of tools that will help you regroup and find the strength to face the challenges that life throws at you.

Actively practicing meditation will help you achieve mental clarity and the inner strength to face yourself and others when you feel lost, unfocused, and troubled.

Grounding Crystals for Guided Meditation

Practicing meditation with crystals to help ground yourself is the best way to find the inner strength to face life and its challenges.

For this, we recommend tiger's eye to tap into that power of assertiveness and strength:

Another crystal suitable for grounding meditation that will offer protection from negative energies and which stimulates the intellect and memory is Pyrite:

Finally, we recommend Banded Agate to find the motivation, structure, and consistency in your life vital for leading a better quality of life.

Use Grounding Crystal Grids for Better Results

Crystal grids are an effective way of enhancing the effect you're looking for when practicing grounding meditation. We find that the best ones are those you that make yourself because you add your energy to them, and that energy will recognize its host.

Grounding grids are an excellent way to feel closer to Mother Earth and to amplify your power and intentions during practice. Our store has locally-made grids:

To complete your grids, you need to place your chosen crystals on them. We recommend the following for a successful grounding meditation session:

Visit Our Rock Shop and Take Your Pick from a Wide Variety of Crystals

Grounding meditation practices are essential, and we should strive to ground ourselves as often as we can, especially during these uncertain times.

Things happen around us constantly, and most events drain us, whether they are positive or negative, so make sure to recharge from time to time.

Using our crystal suggestions, you will feel more empowered and strong to make self-serving choices and decisions that will make your life better in the long run.

Feel free to visit our webshop or our physical store whenever it is convenient for you and choose which crystals fit your particular needs.

If you don't find the crystals you need online, please call us and let us know since we might have them for you at our physical store.