Crystal Grid Kit for Weight Loss

When we recommend crystals or crystal grids for weight loss our clients are surprized.

Crystals and weight loss?

Yes, crystals can be included in weight loss programs for various reasons. There are quite a few crystals that are known to help to lose weight, we will present you the best of them and also the most effective ways of using them. These stones can help us to achieve our goal to have a healthy, fit body.

Learning about these crystals will help, you realize which ones might be good for you to use. Most stones that help with losing weight, among other properties have a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

If you have made an intention that now is the time to start your weight loss program, you may need some extra help from crystals and gemstones.

How to Use Crystals for Weight Loss?

The easiest way is to keep them close by during the day. How to do that? You can choose one or more ways, depending on your lifestyle and preferences.

  • Wear jewelry made from them
  • Keep a piece of stone in your pocket
  • Hold them in your hand before you eat to aid your digestion or boost your metabolism
  • Keep a Crystal Sphere for weight loss on your desk at work
  • Use them for meditation and visualization
  • Place them on the bedside or under the pillow to resonate with their energy while you are sleeping

The Best Crystals for Weight Loss

  • Yellow Apatite - has a harmonizing effect on the solar plexus. It can fire up our metabolism, strengthen our willpower and enhance our digestion. Yellow Apatite stimulates the liver, gall bladder, spleen, and pancreas.
  • Iolite - balances the metabolism and can help in releasing accumulated fatty deposits and the toxins that have been stored in the body fat.
  • Epidote - helps to release old emotional issues that may be related to weight problems.
  • Amethyst - has an effective action to assist with addictions. Excess weight is not always related to addiction; however, Amethyst can be a great aid when weight problems are related to addiction to one or more foods.

Stones that balance and energize the solar plexus can be also used for weight loss: Citrine, Peridot, Tiger's Eye, and Yellow Jasper.

Crystal Grid for Weight Loss at the Village Rock Shop

In our shop, you'll find everything you need to create an efficient crystal grid to aid in your weight loss program.

Crystal grids for weight loss combine crystals, gemstones for weight loss, sacred geometrical forms and positive intentions to enhance the energy of the crystals in a highly effective way. When your crystals for weight loss are part of the grid the synergistic effects are much more powerful. We can assist you to select the best crystals, gemstones for your grid.

Final conclusion: the stones that can be used for weight loss boost the metabolism, harmonize digestion, strengthen willpower, and awaken optimism, self-confidence, and perseverance, and their effect is much more powerful when they are integrated into a crystal grid.