Celestite/Celestine Crystal Benefits and More

The crystal's name derives from the Latin word caelestis meaning celestial or heavenly. Its pale sky blue color reminds us of the clear blue sky, but the stone may also appear in white, yellow, and red colors. Energy healers believe that Celestite has a powerful connection to heaven and the angelic realm.

Celestite is found in geodes often, along with Clear Quartz and Amethyst crystals. Celestite is considered the principal source of strontium a radioactive element. However, according to the International Gems Society, celestite can be used safely.

Celestite is highly valued for its metaphysical properties. This beautiful blue crystal can help in contacting the angelic realm and the pure angelic entities. The stone brings calmness, a sense of peace, and serenity. This angelic stone helps to release or transform negative, unwanted feelings, emotions, and attachments. We often hold on to negativity because we get used to it, or because we don't know how to let go of such feelings.

Celestite Helps to Harmonize and Heal Your Relationships

When you have problems in your current relationships, this beautiful angelic stone will help in resolving your conflicts. Keep Celestite in your home to help you maintain a warm, peaceful ambiance. Celestite will help you learn how to release negative energies and accept the process of your inner transformation.

  • Celestite crystal's pure vibration opens up your third eye and crown chakras helping you access a higher state of consciousness, the key to resolving conflicts in relationships with wisdom and harmony.
  • Wear Celestite jewelry, it won't be only an exquisite accessory that adds a touch of elegance to your outfit, but also helps you maintain a sense of comfort and purity in the heart throughout your day.
  • Take the time to connect with your Celestite crystal in your daily meditation, its vibration brings the energies of high spiritual realms, helping you understand your life lessons from a higher perspective.

Celestite Helps You Connect Your Guardian Angels

The sky-blue Celestite connects you to your spirit guides and guardian angels, so you never have to deal with life challenges alone. The high-frequency vibration of this crystal will be like a guiding light for your soul towards love and harmony. Keep raw Celestite crystals on your nightstand to be protected by your guardian angels while you sleep.

You can also access the pure vibrations of the crystal by placing a small Celestite on your forehead -to activate your third eye chakra - before you go to sleep. Manifest your intention to connect to the angelic realm to receive guidance and inspiration while you sleep and remember your dreams when you wake up. Celestite activates the throat chakra and helps you express the angelic messages with clarity.

Celestite reminds us that the angels are always ready to teach, inspire, and protect us, guiding us to divine light and love.

Celestite and Spiritual Transformation

Celestite is an excellent stone for spiritual transformation. During meditation Celestite can ease the transition into higher states of consciousness, difficult to access with an agitated mind amped up with anger and frustration.

To access the peaceful energy of the crystal throughout the day keep a small palm stone or tumbled Celestite in your pocket or purse. For the best results, keep your Celestite cleansed and activated on a daily basis.

There are several ways to cleanse your Celestite crystals. However it is important to know that only some crystals can safely be placed in water, some will lose their luster, while others will completely dissolve in water.

Celestite is one of the crystals that can be damaged by water. It's better to use other methods by cleansing it, including moonlight, sunlight, smudging, or placing it on Selenite plates or bowls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Celestite

  1. Does Celestite have healing properties? Celestite activates the higher chakras: Throat Chakra, Third Eye, and Crown chakra and infuses with energy the organs of these chakras, aiding the healing of disorders of the brain, throat, eyes, ears, and nose. Celestite is known for its detoxifying, pain-relieving and calming properties often used by energy healers to aid in the treatment of insomnia and migraine relief.
  2. Where to find the most beautiful Celestite clusters? Big Celestite deposits can be found in Ohio, Michigan, Poland, Spain, Brazil, and Madagascar. The beautiful sky-blue-colored Celestites can be found in Madagascar.
  3. Can Celestite be cleansed in the water? Celestite is a soft mineral, it's not recommended to cleanse it with water, immersed in water it can be damaged.
  4. Where does Celestite form? Celestite or Celestine occurs in gypsiferous soils, in sedimentary rocks - dolomites and dolomitic limestones. This beautiful mineral can also form in hydrothermal veins. Celestite occurs mainly as geodes and as crystal clusters.
  5. What is Celestite used for? Celestite has been used for fireworks because it burns with a beautiful red flame. Glass manufacturers also use Celestite. However, its more popular use is for metaphysical and healing purposes.
  6. Is Celestite radioactive or toxic? The chemical composition of Celestite is SrSO4, it is Strontium Sulfate. Knowing that Celestite contains Strontium, many clients want to know if Celestite is radioactive or not. Although Strontium-90, the radioactive isotope is a by-product of nuclear reactors, Celestite stones you can buy from rock shops do not present any danger to your health. However, Celestite is not recommended for gem elixirs, gem waters, massage oils, or other consumable products.
  7. How can you know that your mineral is Celestite? Celestite has the same structure and forms similar crystals as Barite, and blue Barite can be misidentified as Celestite. The two minerals can be distinguished by a flame test. All you have to do is to scrape the dust of the minerals into a gas flame. The color of the flame will confirm the identity of the minerals; pale green flame - Barite, red flame - Celestite.

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