Difference Between Calcite and Other Similar Crystals

October 30th 2020

Calcite crystals come in a rich variety of colors like green, blue, orange, clear, gray, brown, etc. These beautiful stones are constantly radiating vibrant energy bringing positive change in your life. They soak up negative, toxic emotions and give you inspiration, enhance your creativity, and uplift your spirit. They are known as major energy transformers. The calcite crystals with their incredible array of colors can make the perfect addition to your collection.

They can:

  • be your muse in different areas of your life
  • eliminate mental and emotional blockages
  • constantly radiate pure, positive, vibrant energy
  • assist you in achieving your highest potential
  • give you better focus
  • enhance your mystical experiences
  • give you the energy boost you need

Differences Between Calcite and Quartz

Calcite and quartz are the most common minerals. Both of them form in a variety of colors, such as white, blue, gray, brown, colorless. They look very similar what makes it hard to tell them apart.

Let's see what are the differences that differentiate them:

Mineral hardness: quartz is four times harder than calcite. For example, a quartz crystal can scratch the calcite; however, calcite does not have the hardness to be able to scratch quartz. Quartz reaches 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, whereas calcite's hardness is only 3.

Different shapes: quartz and calcite crystals have distinctively different shapes. Calcite can form in a huge number of shapes. The most common forms of calcite is a rhombohedron, but it also can form prismatic crystals, scalenohedrons, and other forms. The quartz usually forms a hexagonal prism that is terminated with six-sided pyramids at the end of the crystal. They have different chemical compositions: calcite is made of calcium carbonate and quartz is silicon dioxide.

Blue Calcite or Celestite?

Let's see the facts behind blue calcite, celestite, and angelite.

A lot of people have a hard time telling the difference between blue calcite and celestite because they look very similar. First of all, the celestite is more fragile. When arrives from the manufacturer, it will be wrapped very carefully.

The easiest way to tell the difference is the weight. If you hold both stones, they have to be about the same size, celestite is the heavier one. On average, a celestite sphere weighs 1.5 times more than a blue calcite sphere. There is a difference in their chemical composition. Calcite is a calcium carbonate being part of the calcite group, and celestite is a sulfate of strontium, being a member of the barite group. Angelite is a sulfate of calcium. Another interesting fact: celestite has a crystalline structure. This means that it's brittle, which makes it hard to manufacture a polished palm stone or any other shape bigger than 2 inches. Another way to tell them apart is the price: celestite is the most expensive between the three.

Blue Calcite + Celestite + Angelite

What I love the most to tell our customers is that, no matter which stone you have, all three of them can bring a lot of wonderful benefits for you and your soul. You can also combine them for better, more powerful results.

They can:

  • open up your being to higher consciousness
  • bring you spiritual strength
  • promote inner peace and wisdom
  • help you connect with spirit guides and the angels
  • assist in meditation and prayer
  • improve your intuition, perception, imagination, memory, and to recall your dreams

Blue Calcite Vs. Aragonite

Calcite and aragonite have the same chemical formula: CaCO3, however, their atoms are stacked in different configurations. Calcite has a trigonal structure and aragonite has an orthorhombic structure.

In general, calcite is a more stable mineral than aragonite. Another difference is that aragonite makes needlelike crystals versus calcite which makes blocky ones.

Crystals can truly change your life if you choose to believe in their healing powers. Calcite in its many varieties can literally rock your world! Please feel free to check out below our rich collection of stones for your own benefit.

For example, blue calcite is one of our most popular stones.