Best Uses of Smithsonite

If you are looking for a mineral that can help you slow down and calm yourself, we recommend Smithsonite, a rare mineral that will definitely delight you with its beautiful appearance and unique properties.

The mineral, also known as Zinc Spar, was identified in 1802 by James Smithson, the renowned British mineralogist and the founding donor of the Smithsonian Institute.

Smithsonite belongs to the calcite group of minerals and typically has traces of iron, cobalt, magnesium, calcium, cadmium, and copper.

  • Smithsonite radiates peaceful, calming energy that will help you unwind, ease your worries, relieve your stress, and relax your mind.
  • This stone encourages you to embrace and enjoy a tranquil life.
  • It will also inspire you to slow down and regenerate during days with a hectic schedule.

Smithsonite for Energy Healing Sessions

Crystal therapists use Smithsonite to ease childbirth and help in the treatment of infertility, therefore it's an excellent stone to have during labor and childbirth.

The energies of this peaceful stone promote emotional alchemy whenever you deal with intense emotions, anger, bitterness, or loss. Smithsonite provides energetic support during emotional healing after divorce, break-up, or loss of a loved one.

How to use it:

  • The best way to work with a Smithsonite is to place it on your body for energy healing or aura cleansing purposes.
  • Place Smithsonite on your body over tensed areas during relaxation.
  • Carry a smaller-sized Smithsonite in your pocket to enjoy its benefits throughout your day.

Smithsonite to Attract Prosperity and Abundance

There are many crystals known for their ability to attract abundance and wealth. Smithsonite can be an excellent ally whenever you're about to start a new project. It will inspire you to take a calmer and more centered approach when it comes to your finances.

For anyone who works in a stressful environment, Smithsonite is a must-have stone. It is also an excellent stone for those who want to develop and enhance their leadership skills. We recommend either keeping a piece on you whenever you take a break or keeping it nearby while you work.

How to use it:

Smithsonite for Meditation and Restful Sleep

Smithsonite is an ideal stone for bedrooms; it brings a tranquil, peaceful vibe making your bedroom an intimate place for rest and regeneration.

Likewise, the stone's beautiful appearance makes it a perfect option for home decor.

This stone is an ideal ally to overcome anxiety and emotional hypersensitivity; it will also help you avoid stress and achieve a comforting level of sleep.

One of the best uses of the Smithsonite is for spiritual practices. Whether you want to meditate, pray or practice breathing techniques, keep this stone nearby to calm your emotions, induce a tranquil state of mind, and enhance awareness.

It can help you reach the alpha state and experience deep states of meditation and contemplation. If you want to activate and enhance psychic abilities, place a piece of Smithsonite on your Third Eye or Crown Chakra area.

Genuine Smithsonite at the Village Rock Shop

Finding a suitable mineral can help you maintain your balance and achieve peace of mind; with its soft and peaceful energy, Smithsonite helps address issues such as stress, irregular sleeping patterns, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. Its stabilizing and grounding vibe can assist you during healing and meditation sessions, attract prosperity and enjoy a comforting level of rest.

At Village Rock Shop, we offer natural Smithsonite that is sourced from environmentally-responsible providers.

Every mineral has different properties and benefits. We invite you to visit our store in Carlsbad or give us a call; we'll ensure you get quality Smithsonite and other rare minerals to improve your emotional balance and well-being.