Amethyst Geode Heart Gift

Amethysts are popular not only because of their beautiful purple color but also because of their wonderful properties. Amethyst has benefits for the body, mind, and spirit. It is known as one of the most versatile and powerful crystals. High-quality Amethysts are mined in Uruguay, the country known for its Amethyst mines.

Uruguay is rich in high-quality Amethysts which occur in the geodes that were formed during volcanic eruptions. Crystal collectors say that the Amethysts mined in Uruguay are amongst the finest in the world. These Amethysts are renowned for the deepness of their color.

Did you know that the largest Amethyst geode ever discovered came from an Uruguayan mine? The geode named the 'Empress of Uruguay' is exhibited in a museum in Queensland, Australia. The magnificent 11-foot tall and 2.5-ton example is known as the world's largest Amethyst geode.

Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geodes at the Village Rock Shop

Heart-shaped Amethyst geodes are perfect gifts for any special occasion. The crystal has a calming, soothing energy, that reduces anxiety and stress, inducing a relaxed, yet alert state. It can be extremely helpful used during meditations, it reduces the mind chatter, calms the emotions, helps in experiencing deep meditative states. The heart-shaped Amethyst geodes are fascinating. You can display them anywhere in your home or workspace, it will attract pure, protective energy.

Amethyst Geode's metaphysical properties:

  • activates the crown and the third eye chakra
  • strengthens our connection with spiritual realms
  • enhances higher states of consciousness
  • helps us connect with our higher self
  • awakens our intuition
  • assists in interdimensional communication

How to Use the Heart-Shaped Amethyst Geodes

  • Place your heart-shaped Amethyst geode close to your bed if you suffer from insomnia
  • Display Amethyst Geode hearts in your workspace to bring you creativity and inspiration
  • Place it near your entrance to protect your home from negative entities and influences
  • Displayed in your office will help to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Keep your Amethyst Geode hearts close to your body while meditating, to induce a profound meditative state and help you access high states of consciousness
  • Keep it close to your body to elevate your vibration
  • Keep it close to your body during relaxation to dissipate tensions and negative emotions
  • When trying to overcome an addiction, carry with you a smaller heart-shaped Amethyst geode to benefit from its energy