Green Aventurine Layered Dreamcatcher #2

Green Aventurine Layered Dreamcatcher #2

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This is a dreamcatcher with an amazing design featuring 4 hoops. This layered dreamcatcher can be an excellent home decor element for any bedroom. It features 4 dark brown leather-wrapped hoops connected to each other by Green Aventurine beads, each hoop having a Green Aventurine crystal in the center. It has brown strands with Green Aventurine beads and natural feathers hanging beneath. This Layered Green Aventurine dreamcatcher was created and blessed by Native American artists.

Meaning and benefits of its components:

  • 7x24 inch 4 leather wrapped hoops - symbolize the circle of life
  • 4 webs - catch the bad dreams and nightmares
  • Natural, small brown feathers - let the good dreams slide down
  • Green Aventurine beads - connect the hoops to each other
  • Green Aventurine in the center of each hoop - radiate a soothing energy
  • Green Aventurine pendulum - focuses and emanates down the energy of the stone
  • Green Aventurine - is an excellent stone for clearing negative thought patterns and instill positive thinking. Provides soothing energy for fiery emotions helping to calm anger and frustration, bringing peace and harmony. Green Aventurine helps to reduce stress, quiet the mind and its grounding energy will help you get some quality sleep
 Handmade with love.

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